Panasonic Pantene™ Ionic Hair Dryer


Panasonic Pantene™ Ionic Hair Dryer

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    • Watts
    • Power Source
    • Concentrator Nozzle
    • Cool Shot Button
    • Volumizer Attachment
    • 3-Heat/Speed Adjustment
    • Removable Air Filter
    • Professional Length Cord
    • ALCI Safety Plug
    • Ultra Ionic Grip
    • Weight
    • Ionization Technology
    • Supported by Pantene Hair Research Institute
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)



Owner's Manuals
  • Why is the dryer switching to cold air frequently when using the "Hot" mode or sparks can be seen within the body?
    The sparks are caused by the thermostat switch and is not a malfunction. Lint has accumulated in the air inlet or outlet. To fix this remove a build up of lint on the air inlet or outlet.
  • What should I do if my product needs service?
    NOTE: This does not apply to TVs, Microwaves, Vacuums, and Massage Chairs.

    For repairs and exchanges:
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    Panasonic Factory Service Center
    4900 George McVay Drive
    Suite B; Door-12
    McAllen, TX 78503

    Please include your name, address, telephone number, email address, copy of your purchase receipt (for warranty service), and a description of what is wrong with the unit. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

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    If the customer calls back in for an Update:
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    Tel: 956-683-2930
    Toll Free: 1-866-907-9111

    Please reference your Service Job number when contacting You will be contacted if there is any cost you are responsible for.

  • What's the best method of storage for this device?
    For proper storage follow the following steps:

    1. Always turn off the main switch after use.
    2. Disconnect the plug by holding onto it and not pulling on it.
    3. Never place near water.
    4. Remove any lint around the air inlet and outlet.
    5. Do not store in a bathroom or any room with high humidity.
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