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Progressive-Scan DVD-Video/Video CD/CD Player


Progressive-Scan DVD-Video/Video CD/CD Player

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    • Progressive Scanning
    • 4:4:4 Signal Processing
    • 4:3 Shrink Function w/ Letterbox Zoom & Shift
    • DVD-RAM Video Playback Capability
    • MPEG Digital Noise Reduction (Mosquito/Block/3D)
    • Gamma Correction
    • 2-Dimensional Sharpening Filter
    • Monitor Select
    • Still Picture Display (I/P/B)
    • Background Noise Reduction
    • Auto Switching Field/Frame Still
    • Frame Advance (Forward & Reverse)
    • Black Level Control
    • Disc Stabilizer
    • A-B-C-D Features
    • Advanced Surround (V.S.S.)
    • Bass Plus
    • Cinema Mode
    • Dialogue Enhancer
    • One Touch Cinema Memory
    • Digital Re-Master Processing
    • Audio Only Function (Video Circuit OFF)
    • Built-in DTS® Surround Sound Decoder
    • Built-in Dolby Digital® Surround Sound Decoder
    • Optical Digital Output for DTS® & Dolby Digital® Surround Sound
    • Virtual Battery Operation
    • Headphone Surround (V.S.S.)
    • Headphone Jack with Volume Control
    • Dynamic Range Compression
    • DVD/CD Text Display
    • Disc Memory
    • Twin Laser Pickup
    • Chapter Preview
    • Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: 5 Speed up to x100
    • On-Screen Menu Icons
    • Energy Star® Compliant
    • 4:3/16:9/Zoom Screen Selector
    • Built-in Stereo Speakers
    • Shuttle Dial
    • Shuttle Dial with Joystick
    • Disk Exchange
    • Front Panel LED
    • Direct Disc Select
    • MPEG2 Encoding with Hybrid VBR (Variable Bit Rate) Technology
    • Input TBC and 3D Y/C Separation Circuitry
    • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
    • Direct Navigator
    • Playlist Playback
    • Dolby Digital® (Dolby AC-3) 2ch Audio Recording
    • Disc Protect
    • Commercial Skip
    • High Quality Recording on High-Capacity 4.7GB DVD-RAM Discs
    • Rapid Random Access, Recording and Playback
    • 2ch Audio Out
    • 5.1ch Surround Sound Audio Out
    • Audio Out
    • Component Video Out (Y, PB, PR)
    • Headphone Out
    • S-Video Out
    • Subwoofer Out
    • Video Out
    • Joystick Control
    • Slide Jog Control
    • WMA (Windows Media Audio) Playback Capability
    • Progress Indicator
    • Quick Replay
    • Sleep Timer
    • Quick Guide Setup
    • Audio Navigation Menu
    • 5-Disc Rotary Changer
    • 5-Disc Changer Features
    • Picture Mode Selection
    • One-Touch Record and Play

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  • What should I do if my product needs service?

    NOTE: This does not apply to TVs, Microwaves, Vacuums, and Massage Chairs

    For repairs and exchanges:

    Ship your product to:

    Panasonic Factory Service Center
    4900 George McVay Drive
    Suite B; Door-12
    McAllen, TX 78503

    Please include your name, address, telephone number, email address, copy of your purchase receipt (for warranty service), and a description of what is wrong with the unit. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

    Panasonic is not responsible for damage that occurs in transit. All contents should be packaged for safe travel to the service center. Customer should use a reputable small package shipping company that is able to provide a package tracking number and insurance (if customer should so desire to insure their package).

    Units that are abused, damaged, infested with insects, have corrosion, etc. will be placed out-of-warranty.

    Once your unit arrives at the facility, you may contact us for status at:

    Tel: 956-683-2930
    Toll Free: 1-866-907-9111

    Please reference your Service Job number when contacting You will be contacted if there is any cost you are responsible for.

  • Why won't a rented disc play in my player?
    If you're having difficulty playing a disc that you have rented or borrowed, try a disc that you own to see if it plays. If it does play then there could be a problem with the borrowed or rented disc. Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth to remove any debris or fingerprints.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • Where can I find the firmware for my device?
    Click here and enter your model number into the Get Support Now search box. Once your model appears, click on the "Support" link under the picture of your model. This will bring you to the Support Page for your model. If there are any firmware updates available for your model, they will be located under the Drivers & Downloads tab. If there is no Drivers & Downloads tab, your device's firmware is up to date.
  • The remote control for my Panasonic device is no longer functioning. Is there a remote control code available that will enable me to use another manufacturer's remote to operate this device?
    You will have to contact the remote's manufacturer for the codes needed.
  • My unit has no power. What do I do?
    If the unit is not powering on, remove the power cord plug from any power strip it may be connected to and plug directly into the wall outlet.
  • How do I connect this device to a wireless network?
    This player features Wi-Fi built in. To connect to the wireless network press the [HOME] button. Then select "Player settings" and scroll to the "Network" option. Then press the [OK] button. Select the "Easy Network Settings and follow the onscreen prompts. For this setup, it is important to know the wireless network name (SSID) and encryption key (password). Click here for an Interactive for troubleshooting Home network connections.
  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • Can I connect to my network and stream movies or videos on my DVD Player?
    No, none of our standard DVD Players support network streaming.
  • Am I able to playback a DVD from another Region other than Region 1?
    No, on this device you are unable to playback a DVD from other Region.
  • Am I able to play a Blu-ray or DVD disc from another country?
    No, the player will only play discs that are Region 1 or All.
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