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12.1 Megapixel Ultra Compact Camera

  • Ultra Compact 25mm Lens and 16X Intelligent Zoom
  • AVCHD Lite HD Movie Recording
  • Travel Mode with GPS



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    • Camera Effective Pixels
    • Sensor Size / Total Pixels / Filter
    • Aperture
    • Optical Zoom
    • Focal Length
    • Extra Optical Zoom (EZ)
    • Intelligent Zoom
    • Lens
    • 2-Speed Zoom
    • Optical Image Stabilizer
    • Digital Zoom
    • Focusing Area
    • Focus Range Display
    • AF Metering
    • Focus
    • AF Assist Lamp
    • ISO Sensitivity
    • White Balance
    • Exposure
    • Exposure Compensation
    • Backlight Compensation
    • Auto Bracketing ( AE)
    • Light Metering System
    • Face Detection
    • Still Image Scene Mode
    • Movie Scene Mode
    • Movie Scene Mode Note
    • Shutter Speed/Shutter System
    • Shutter Interval
    • Self Timer
    • Auto Review
    • Picture Adjustment
    • Image Quality
    • Motion Picture Recording 4:3
    • Motion Picture Recording 16:9
    • Motion Picture Recording HD Movie
    • Aspect Ratio
    • Intelligent Exposure
    • Real-time Histograms
    • Composition Guide Lines
    • Scene Mode Help Screen
    • LCD Monitor
    • Playback Mode
    • OSD Language
    • Recording Media
    • Interface
    • Viera Link
    • HDMI
    • Color
    • Battery Life
    • Built-in-Flash
    • Included Software
    • Standard Accessories
    • Multi-Aspect
    • Quick Menu
    • Continuous Shooting Mode
    • Focus Icon Select
    • Optical Zoom in Motion Picture
    • Macro Zoom
    • Orientation Detector
    • Playback Still Images with Audio
    • Additional Playback Mode
    • Slideshow Mode
    • Show Histogram
    • Delete Image
    • Cut Animation
    • PictBridge Support
    • AVCHD / AVCHD Lite REC
    • One-Touch Movie Button
    • Movie REC Guide
    • Wind-Cut in Motion Picture
    • Flash Burst Continuous Shooting Mode
    • Intelligent ISO Control
    • Face Recognition
    • Intelligent Scene Selector
    • File Format
    • Mode Dial / Mode Button
    • Still Picture Recording 4:3
    • Still Picture Recording 3:2
    • Still Picture Recording 16:9
    • Color Mode / Color Effect
    • Copy / Title Edit / Text Stamp
    • Weight(lbs)
    • Digital Red Eye Correction (Red-Eye Removal)
    • Mode Switch
    • Easy Zoom / Zoom Resume
    • Thumbnails / Zoomed Playback
    • Calendar Display / Dual-Image Playback
    • Set Favorites / Rotate Image
    • DPOF Print Setting / Set Protection
    • Resize / Trim / Aspect Conv. / Leveling
    • Travel Date / World Time
    • Built-in-Memory
    • Microphone / Speaker
    • Power
    • AF Tracking
    • Intelligent Resolution Technology
    • CRT(motion pictures)AVCHD Lite with picture quality set to [SH]
    • CRT MOTION JPEG with picture quality set to [HD]
    • Still Image with Audio Recording
    • Video Divide
    • ART(motion pictures)AVCHD Lite with picture quality set to [SH]
    • ART(motion pictures) MOTION JPEG with picture quality set to [HD]
    • GPS
    • Dimensions (W x H x D)

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FAQsFrequently asked questions about your product

  • How do I get GPS information to appear on Text Stamped photos?
    We are sorry but that is not possible at this time.
  • How do I format my SD Card in my camera?
    For assistance on how to format your SD Card please Click Here.
  • How do I download photos from my camera's built in memory?
    To download photos from the internal memory simply remove the SD card if you have one inserted in your camera before you connect the USB cable to your computer.
  • How do I download a copy of the software that came with my camera, I lost mine?
    The software cannot be downloaded. Please contact our parts department who can supply a copy after proof of purchase is provided. There is a small charge for shipping.
  • How do I correct "system error zoom"?

    This error message indicates an internal problem and would require service. Click Here.

  • How do I convert AVCHD into an MPEG2 file?
    To begin the process open "PhotoFunStudio" program.
    1. When the program is opened click on the button to display videos only.
    2. Click on the edit movie icon.
    3. From the drop down list select "Convert MPEG2".
    4. Click on the AVCHD thumbnails you wish to convert. The selected thumbnails will be highlighted in blue and have a checkmark in the box at the upper left.
    5. When you have selected all the thumbnails for conversion click the "Next" button.
    6. Click on the "Execute" button to begin conversion.
    7. Click "Yes" to continue.
    8. Please wait while the files are being converted.
    9. Once done click "OK" to continue.
    10. Click "Close".
    11. Now click "Yes" to exit the wizard.
    12. The converted videos will now have an MPEG2 icon in the lower right corner.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I change the picture size in my camera?
    To change the file size of your picture please follow these instructions.
    1. Turn the camera on.
    2. Put the camera into the "REC" mode.
    3. Press the "Menu/Set" button to access the menu.
    4. Highlight "Picture Size" and press the "Right" button.
    5. Select the file size you wish by highlighting it and press the "Menu/Set" button.
    6. Press "Menu/Set" again to exit the menus.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I attach the strap to the camera body?
    Put the small string through the metal bar and loop the rest of the camera strap through the small string.
  • How can you delete a picture you've just taken during Auto Review?
    Press, "Playback" to bring up image, then press "Trash Can" to delete.
  • How can videos and pictures be transferred to my PC without using the supplied software?
    Connect the camcorder to the PC via USB cable. After camcorder and PC are connected, drag and drop the files to the specified folder.
    Note: The files that are drag and drop cannot be edited, burn or playback using the supplied software.
    It is recommended to use the supplied software to transfer the pictures and videos to the PC.
  • How can the error message "Check card" be resolved when inserting SD card.
    Confirm the SD card is not in "LOCK" position.
    Check if the SD works in the PC. If yes, format the SD card using the PC and reinsert the SD card.
    If the issue persists try to use a different SD card. If the issue remains on all of the SD cards the camcorder needs servicing. Click the link below and submit a new repair request:
  • How can I take better pictures with my camera?
    Taking better pictures comes with practice and an understanding your camera. You must learn which settings are best for various types of photos, but eventually you will see that you are taking better photos and enjoying your new camera more and more.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How can I stop the "This Battery Cannot be Used" message?
    This message appears when a non-Panasonic battery is used. If the battery is a genuine Panasonic battery, then it should be replaced.
  • How can I set the burst mode on my DMCZS7 camera?
    To set the burst mode, perform the following steps.
    1. Turn the camera on.
    2. Press the "Menu/Set" button to access the menu.
    3. Highlight the "iA REC" icon and press the "Menu/Set" button.
    4. Press the "Down" button until you highlight "Burst"
    5. Press the "Menu/Set" button to confirm your choice.
    6. You should see "OFF" highlighted so please press the "Up" button.
    7. With the icon of multiple pictures highlighted press the "Menu/Set" button to turn on burst mode.
    8. Press the "Delete/Return" button twice to exit all menus.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How can I set my camera's text stamp?
    The following steps will set the text stamp in the camera.
    1. Please turn on the camera.
    2. Press the [Menu/Set] button on the back.
    3. Press the [▲] button to enter the "Playback" menu.
    4. Press the [►] button with the "Playback" icon highlighted.
    5. Press the [▼] button to highlight "Text Stamp"
    6. Press the [►] button to access the sub menu.
    7. Choose "Multi" or "Single" and click the "Menu/Set" button
    8. Find the photo(s) you want to have stamped and press the "Menu/Set" button.
    9. In the "Text Stamp" menu go down the list to make your selections for the information you want stamped on the photo(s).
    10. The screen will have a menu asking for approval to stamp the photo(s). Highlight and press "Yes".
    11. Please wait while the photo(s) are being stamped.
    12. Press the [Menu/Set] button to exit all menus.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How can I resize my photos in PhotoFunStudio?
    To resize your photos, perform the following steps.
    1. Open "PhotFunStudio" program.
    2. After program opens click on the "Edit" icon at the top.
    3. Select "Resize" in the drop down menu.
    4. Click on select all. That will place a check mark in all boxes.
    5. Click on the "Next" button.
    6. Use the "Up/Down" arrows to the left in the to "Expansion/Reduction ratio" section to adjust how much you want to enlarge or reduce the picture(s).
    7. Click on the "Execute" button to continue.
    8. Click on the "Yes" button to begin the resize.
    9. Please wait for the process to complete.
    10. Click the "OK" button to continue.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • How can I maximize my SD Card?
    The maximum amount of space will be achieved when all previous photos have been deleted. The actual number of photos your card can hold will vary depending on the size, resolution and content of the photos.
  • How can I download video to a MAC?
    Connect to your Mac with the USB cable and import with iMovie 11.
  • How can I copy photos to my PC?
    To copy photos to your PC, perform the following steps.
    1. Launch the "PhotoFunStudio" program.
    2. After the program has opened click on the "Copy to PC" icon.
    3. Click on the icon of the connected device.
    4. Please wait while photos are imported.
    5. The pictures showing will be imported when you click "Next".
    6. Choose the save destination by clicking on the "Browse save destination folders" then click on the "Execute" button.
    7. Click "Yes" to continue.
    8. The images will be copied to the destination folder on your computer.
    9. When transfer is complete click on the "OK" button.
    10. Click on the "Close" button to exit the "Copy to PC" wizard.
    11. Confirm you want to exit by pressing "Yes".

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How can I check the status of my camera repair?
    You can check the repair status of your camera by clicking on the link below and entering your email address and password. Click Here or contacting our Call Center at 1-800-211-7262.
  • How am I able to correct the error message that my laptop does not find the new equipment whenever I connect my Camcorder to the laptop?
    Make sure that you are using the supplied USB that comes with the Camcorder. Then, attempt to connect the camcorder to a different USB port. Also, you may try to connect to a different PC to determine whether the issue is with the PC or camcorder.
  • English is not my native language and I've noticed that Panasonic's cameras sold in the U.S. only support English and Spanish. How can other languages be added?
    Unfortunately, they can't. The languages are embedded into the microprocessor, and selected for each regional version of our cameras. A note of warning - do not attempt to load firmware intended for another region into your camera. It will not change the available languages and it may seriously damage your camera. Such damage is not covered under the product warranty.
  • Does this camera us SDXC memory cards?
    Yes, it can use standard SD cards, SDHC cards, and SDXC cards.
  • Do you supply software for Mac OS10?
    We regret to inform you that Apple support is not provided with this product.
  • Do video uploads to a youtube or facebook have a length or size limit?
    Not as far as the camera is concerned, but YouTube or Facebook mayhave their own limitations.
  • Do I need to install firmware updates for my camera that are posted on the Panasonic website?
    Firmware updates are usually not mandatory. They are released to correct minor issues that were discovered after the product was released. We suggest you read the description of what changes the new firmware makes. If you are experiencing that condition, you may wish to install the update.
  • Do I get software with my camera?
    PHOTOfunSTUDIO 8.0 LE (Windows XP/Vista/7). This software allows you to copy still pictures or motion pictures to a computer and sort the copied pictures by their recording date and time, model name of the digital camera used, or other attributes. You can write pictures to a DVD, create a Slide Show using your preferred music or effects and so on before saving it to a DVD.
  • Could the MC protector from Panasonic be referred as a UV Filter?
    No, MC stands for Multi-Coated referring to the multiple coatings that are applied to our filters to reduce lens refraction and glare.
  • Can you connect this camera to my TV?
    Yes, with the supplied cable.
  • Can this camera take video?
    Yes. This unit can record motion pictures in either AVCHD or MP4 formats.
  • Can the GPS be turned off on this camera?
    Yes, it can.
  • Can the camera's menu be shown in any other language?
    Cameras sold for the US market generally support English and Spanish. Portugese is also now supported in some 2012 models.
  • Can I use larger (4GB or more) SDHC or SDXC cards in my camera?
    Unfortunately not. The transition from SD to SDHC, and from SDHC to SDXC also required some hardware redesigns.

    Cameras that are compatible with SDHC will have the SDHC logo on the camera body. 2010 models compatible with SDXC cards will have the SDXC logo on the camera body. More info on the various types of SD cards can be found at

  • Can I use a class 10 SDHC card with this camera?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I retrieve video that I deleted from my SD card?
    There are third party software products on the market for SD Card recovery.
  • Can I record in PAL?
    No, NTSC only.
  • Can additional languages be added to the camera?
    The camera is unable to add additional languages.
  • Are there firmware updates available for my camera?
    If the "Drivers & Downloads" tab is visible, then there are updates available for your camera.

    Firmware updates are occasionally released to correct minor problems that may have been discovered after the camera was released. Not all cameras may experience the issue that was responsible for the firmware update. Review what the firmware changes and see if you are experiencing the problem that the new version corrects. If so, install it - If not, no need.
  • Are cameras sold in the U.S. covered by an International Warranty?
    Generally, no. Some cameras sold abroad are sold with an international warranty. In order for the warranty to be valid, the proof of purchase must show that the camera was purchased in a country that offers products with international warranties. "Gray Goods", foreign versions purchased in the U.S. would generally not have a valid U.S. warranty, and in some cases even obtaining an out of warranty repair could be a problem when parts are not available.
  • In some situations, I find that iA mode does not produce as good a quality as using "P" mode and making some manual adjustments. Why is that?
    iA mode will attempt to select the best Scene Mode for each photo. It does so by evaluating the photo and comparing certain key points against a list of typical conditions. As with any "auto" operation, variations and exceptions will occur where auto modes will not produce the best results.
  • I'm using the iA mode on my Panasonic camera. Sometimes the photos aren't coming out as good as I feel they should. What should I do?
    iA (Intelligent Auto) modes are created to improve specific shooting conditions assuming certain conditions exist. It's possible that one scene can be similar to another and the scene mode would not provide the optimum results. In such cases, we suggest using the "P" Program mode. Digital photography allows the customer to see the end product immediately, without the cost of film processing and printing.
  • I'm traveling overseas and need to know if I need a voltage converter?
    The charger that is provided with your camera will work with global AC power, from 90 - 240 VAC; no "power transformer" is required. You will however require a mechanical adapter plug to convert the two pronged plug used in the U.S. to the power connection type used in the countries you will be visiting.
  • I'm confused, my iPhone does not have NFC technology, will I still be able to transfer photos from a Panasonic TS5 to an iphone?
    Yes, as long as you have the Lumix Link App on your phone. NFC is only supported by the Android format.
  • I'll be traveling by airplane. Are there any special precautions I need to be aware of with my DMC-ZS7?
    Your DMC-ZS7 does have an integrated GPS receiver. Before flying Panasonic recommends placing the camera into the "Airport Mode" or disabling the GPS feature to comply with FAA regulations in the U.S. Both operations can be done from the user menu.
  • If a SDHC, SDXC Memory Card is used for continuous video recording, will it stop recording when it reaches 4GB?
    In AVCHD video recording, the file will be divided, but it will not stop recording video. However, in MP4 video recording, recording will stop when 4GB is reached.
  • I'd like to know if the lens on my Lumix Panasonic camera is plastic or glass?
    Panasonic has never made any digital still cameras with plastic lens elements. On some models, the other lens case parts may be plastic, but the optics are high quality glass lens optics.
  • I was looking for a new SD card for my Lumix and found some that are Wi-Fi enabled ("Eye Fi" brand and similar). Are these compatible with this particular camera?
    Panasonic does not specifically set up our cameras to work with this type of SD Card. The best thing to do is check the website of the manufacturer of the card. They usually list all the cameras that their card works with.
  • I saw a notice on Panasonic's web site that a firmware update was available for my camera. What is a "firmware update" and is it important that I install it?
    Panasonic may occasionally add a new feature to the camera, or if we discover a minor problem after the camera started selling Panasonic may issue new firmware to make the necessary changes. Any new firmware release includes a description of the changes it makes. If you are having the problem it corrects, or if you want to add the new feature, follow the instructions and install the update. You should always begin the firmware update usong a fully charged battery.
  • I purchased a third party battery for my Panasonic Lumix camera and have discovered it doesn't work. Why is that?
    Panasonic's digital still cameras include safety technology that can authenticate a genuine Panasonic battery. Compare to older type nickel cadmium batteries, today's Lithium-Ion batteries can store substantially more power. With this increase, additional safety measures must be included to guard against over charging or short circuits that could cause damage to the camera or even personal injury. Many after market batteries do not include these safety features. Panasonic's design places the customer's safety first.
  • I purchased a new (larger) SD card for my camera. My PC is unable to view photos on the card, but my camera can. What's wrong?
    SD cards larger than 2 GB are classified as SDHC cards. SDHC cards use a different file structure that requires your PC's card reader to be SDHC compliant. The reader in your PC may not be SDHC compliant.
  • I need to download PHOTOfunSTUDIO.
    PhotofunStudio cannot be downloaded from the Panasonic web site. If you own a Panasonic camera, please contact our parts department. You will need to provide a copy of your proof of purchase. There is no charge for the software, but there is a minimal charge for the shipping and handling.
  • I need drivers for a Mac.
    There are no drivers required for either Mac or PC.
  • I need a RAW driver.
    RAW files require more than a driver to view the files. RAW files can be read using photo editing programs such as Adobe's Photoshop or Aperture. These companies also release software updates to allow their programs to read each manufacturers newest camera's RAW files. Panasonic's G series cameras also come with Silky Pix, a simplified program that allows the user to open and adjust RAW files.
  • I last used my DMC-ZS7 about a week ago. I charged the battery before putting it away. Today when I went to use it the battery was almost dead. Is the battery defective?
    When the camera is turned off it wakes up a few times per hour to obtain its current location. If the customer knows the camera will not be used within the next few hours, be sure did disable the GPS function from the operating menu.
  • I just purchased an SDXC card (48 GB or 64GB). When I connect my camera to my PC running Windows XP a message is displayed telling me the card needs to be formatted. Won't formatting the card destroy my photos?
    1. Native installations of Windows XP cannot support SDXC media cards.
    2. If your Windows XP PC has SP2 or SP3 installed, Microsoft offers an exFAT patch that will enable your PC to read the card, using your camera as the card reader when connected via USB.
    3. Windows XP will not support SDXC media using any internal card reader your PC may have.
    4. If you accidently formatted the SDXC card with your PC you've temporarily damaged the card and reduced its capacity. Please contact the SDXC card's manufacturer to see if they offer a program to reformat the card. Most such programs may require you to run the program on a PC using Windows 7 which natively supports SDXC.
  • I just purchased an SDXC card (48 GB or 64GB). When I connect my camera to my computer running the MAC OS it's unable to read the card. Is there an update available?
    At this time Apple (MAC) does not recognize or support SDXC media. We anticipate that Apple may already be working on a software solution. Please contact Apple for additional information.
  • I had to resize some photos taken with my DMC-ZS7. Now, the GPS locations are not displayed. Why does this occur?
    The GPS location data is stored with each photos EXIF data. Many photo editing programs will delete or remove EXIF data. EXIF data was originally intended to verify that the photo was an original photo and not one that was edited or modified.
  • I formatted my SD Card on my computer and now my camera is saving my pictures to the internal memory.
    The newly formatted SD Card is not being recognized by the camera. The SD Card should be formatted in the camera to make sure the format structure is recognized by the camera. Also, make sure the card is not locked.
  • I deleted some photos from my SD card using my PC. Now, I'm unable to view the remaining photos on my camera. What should I do?
    It is not recommended that you delete or modify any photos on your SD memory card using your PC. Doing so can damage the file allocation table and your camera will not be able to read the files. You should immediately copy the remaining photos from your SD card to your PC. After doing so, using your camera, reformat the SD card.
  • I cannot seem to figure out why the flash goes off twice when shutter button pressed to take pictures.
    This occurs once red-eye reduction flash option selected. The subject should remain still until second flash triggered.
  • I can not see the RAW files on my computer.
    Your computer cannot view RAW files by itself. RAW files require using photo editing programs such as Adobe's Photoshop or Aperture. These companies also release software updates to allow their programs to read each manufacturers newest camera's RAW files. Panasonic's G series cameras also come with Silky Pix, a simplified program that allows the user to open and adjust RAW files.
  • I am using "Sports Mode" to photograph an indoor basket ball game. The photos are dark and the motion is blurred. What should I do?
    Sports mode forces the camera to use a fast shutter speed, which requires lots of light. Sports mode is not intended for indoor use. The flash on your camera is not strong enough to properly illuminate a large indoor gym. This accounts for the dark images.
  • How would using a third party battery effect my cameras warranty?
    For safety reasons Panasonic recommends using only a genuine Panasonic battery. Using another battery would not have any direct effect. If an after market battery malfunctions, or causes any damage to the camera, such damage would not be covered under the standard warranty.
  • How long should my battery last?
    CIPA figures which range from 300-400 photos (depending on the camera model). CIPA measurement methods use a very controlled method to measure battery life. The procedure takes a specific number of shots at a fixed interval, with a fixed ratio of flash photos. While this method provides a standardized measurement that can be used to compare two cameras, it's far from how the camera is actually used. Life expectancy can be affected by any of the following:
    1. If the flash is used, the total number of photos can decrease by 30-40%
    2. If the camera has GPS, you can expect up to a 50% reduction in battery life. If the customer has no immediate need for GPS disable the feature in the camera's menu options.
    3. While the battery saver feature will turn the LCD panel off after a preset time (and place the camera into sleep mode) the camera still draws some power from the battery. We suggestion, turn the camera after each shot. At social gatherings, try and minimize passing the camera around the table to have others look at the photos. The LCD panel consumes ~30% of the total power.
  • How do I update the PHOTOfunSTUDIO software that came with my camera?
    If you have the original software, PHOTOfunSTUDIO x.x or PHOTOfunSTUDIO x.x HD, that came with this camera you can update to the latest version by clicking here, scrolling down to the PHOTOfunSTUDIO section, and selecting your version.
  • How do I update the firmware in my camera?
    Each firmware file comes with installation instructions to assist you through the process. The firmware downloads can be found in our "Support" section and by clicking on the "Drivers & Downloads" tab.
  • How do I turn off the "Flash" function?
    On most models, press the button just above "menu". It is labeled with a "lightening bolt". Pressing it will offer several options related to the flash operation.
  • How do I transfer video from my camera to my PC?
    Here is how to transfer video to your PC.
    1. The power on both the camera and PC should be on. Connect the camera to the PC with a USB cable.
    2. Open the PhotoFunStudio program.
    3. Click on the "Copy to PC" icon.
    4. Click on the Icon representing your camera.
    5. Click the "Next" button.
    6. A check mark will appear in the corner box of all thumbnails selected for transfer.
    7. Click "Next".
    8. The next screen will allow you to choose the destination folder.
    9. Click "Execute" to move on.
    10. Click "Yes" to verify.
    11. The video is now being transferred.
    12. When the video has completed its transfer click "Close".
    13. Click "Yes" to verify.
    14. If you wish to play a video double click it.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I transfer files to a 64 bit computer?
    Transferring files to a 64 bit or a 32 bit system would be exactly the same drag and drop process.
  • How do I take pictures using the aperture priority mode?
    To learn how to do this, Click Here
  • How do I resolve the error message "turn off and turn back on"?
    There appears to be a problem with the internal components of the unit. The camcorder needs to be serviced. Click the link below and submit a new repair request.

  • How do I resolve a "Lens Err" error message?
    There appears to be something wrong with the internal components of the unit. Try resetting the camcorder. To reset the camcorder, go to the Menu screen and select "Setup". Next select "Initial Set". If the issue persists, the camcorder needs to be serviced. Click the link below and submit a new repair request:

  • How do I reset the folder and picture number?
    Go into the "Setup" menu and scroll until you reach "Rec. Reset" or "No. Reset" and follow the reset procedure there.
  • How do I reset my digital Camera ?
    * To reset your camera, first make sure your camera is not in the iA mode.
    1. Press the [Menu/Set] button to bring up the Menu screen
    2. Highlight the "Setup" icon
    3. Press [Menu/Set]
    4. Scroll through the "Setup" pages until you highlight "Reset"
    5. Press [Menu/Set] again follow the screen prompt to highlight "Yes"
    6. Press [Menu/Set]
      Note: Some cameras will have a second prompt (do the same) until you have returned to the "Setup" page.

    You have now reset the camera.

  • How do I remove or insert my SD Card and battery in my compact camera?
    To learn how to do this, Click Here
  • How do I playback AVCHD lite files?
    Panasonic supplies software with its AVCHD equipped cameras that can play back the motion video files. The most commonly used version of Windows Media Player will not normally play back AVCHD files (without additional video CODECs).
  • How do I know when my Digital Still Camera battery is fully charged?
    When a battery is inserted into a Panasonic charger a green steady light will appear. When the green light goes out, the battery is completely charged, and ready to use in the camera. A blinking GREEN LED indicates a charging problem. The battery can be "shorted", though more often it is caused by a battery that is too hot or too cold. The battery should be allowed to come to room temperature before charging. Also, if the battery is 100% discharged, the blinking condition will subside after the battery has been on the charger for 10-15 minutes. If the condition persists, the battery should be replaced.
  • How do I install the software?
    You can install the software that came with your camera in the same fashion as any other software you may have used on your PC. There are no special procedures unique to this software.
  • How do I insert/remove the SD card or battery?
    The SD Card slot and battery compartment are located next to each other. They can generally be found on the bottom or side of the camera behind the door labeled "Memory card/battery". If you need more assistance please click here for Help & Tutorials.
  • Why do I have spots on some of my photos?
    Spots can occur due to dust or dirt inside the lens, or when flash is used in a very dusty environment.
  • Why do I get a message saying my camera will not read the Sd card?
    In such cases, first, try formatting the card using the camera. We do not recommend using your PC to format the card. If the problem persists, try using another SD card.
  • Why can't I upload my photos to my email service?
    You may need to reduce the size of the photos in order to be able to send them through email. Check with your email provider to see what the limitations might be.
  • Why aren't my file numbers recorded consecutivly?
    When you perform an operation after taking a certain action, the pictures may be recorded in folders with different numbers from the ones prior to operation.
  • Why am I unable to see the videos that were transfered from the product to the PC?
    When transferring videos to the PC use the editing software that is provided with the product (HD Writer LE2.0).
    Also, when transferring videos confirm your destination folder.
  • Why am I unable to read the PDF operating instructions for HD Writer AE 4.1?
    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later, or Adobe Reader 7.0 or later installed on your PC.
  • Which battery and/or charger is compatible to my camera?
    The compatible battery is the DMW-BCG10PP and the charger for it is the DE-A65B.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • Where can I find the serial number to the camera?
    The serial number can be found on the bottom of the camera usually on a black metalic sticker. In the lower right hand corner is a small silver box with the serial number in it.
  • Where can I find the firmware for my device?
    Click here and enter your model number into the Get Support Now search box. Once your model appears, click on the "Support" link under the picture of your model. This will bring you to the Support Page for your model. If there are any firmware updates available for your model, they will be located under the Drivers & Downloads tab. If there is no Drivers & Downloads tab, your device's firmware is up to date.
  • Where are Panasonic cameras made?

    Panasonic designs its cameras in Japan. The cameras are then manufactured at Panasonic's manufacturing facilities in both Japan and China.

  • When I'm trying to photograph indoor sporting events, the photos are out of focus, or dark. Selecting Sports mode does not seem to help. What should I do?
    Sports mode forces the camera to use a fast shutter speed. In order for it to work correctly the scene must be very bright, usually not attainable indoors. The flash on the camera cannot illuminate an area such as a school gym. Typically, it can only illuminate an area about 8 feet away from the camera.

    The soft focus is action motion blur, caused by insufficient lighting, the camera will select a slower shutter speed.

  • When I shake my camera with the power turned off, I hear a something inside the camera rattling - what is this?
    There is no problem, this is normal. The camera's Optical Image Stabilization system uses an internal lens element that is suspended by two magnetic coils. Once the power is turned on the lens is fixed in place and the noise is not heard. The camera does not require any service.
  • When I print a photo, it never looks exactly like it did on my PC. What should I do?
    Your PC's monitor and video card need to be calibrated in order for it to display an image that looks similar to the print. This condition is not a camera malfunction. System color calibration is generally used by advanced and professional photographers and requires software and hardware that can cost several hundred dollars.
  • What size SD Card can I use in my Camera?
    Cameras with a manufacturing date of 2006 or before can use Standard Sd Cards ( 2GB Max ) only. Models manufactured from 2007 thru 2009 can use Standard SD Cards and SDHC Cards ( Max 32GB ) Cameras Manufactured 2010 and later can use all SD Cards up to and including SDXC cards (64GBMax ).There is no firmware update that willincrease the maximum size of the SD Card for allowable usage.
  • What should I do if my camera won't turn on?
    First, ensure that the batter is fully charged, keeping in mind that the charge indicator light turns off after charging is complete (approximately 90 minutes). A depleted battery will usually cause the camera to power on, and then quickly off. If your battery is more than a year old, it may need to be replaced. A new battery can be purchased from the Panasonic National Parts Center by calling 800-833-9626 or visiting
  • What is the Data Streaming rate when using Wi-Fi?
    Data Streaming Rate depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi Connection.
  • What is O.I.S?
    O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) helps to reduce the effects of shake during the recording while walking, or holding the unit and recording the subject while using zoom.
  • What is Intelligent D-range Control?
    In addition to the suppression of blocked shadows, the Intelligent D-range Control also minimizes the blown highlight using gamma curve after identifying the area intelligently. Both extreme shadow and highlight are moderately compensated.
  • What is AVCHD?
    AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition. AVCHD is the format for recording and playback of High Definition Videos.
  • What does the letter at the end model number mean?
    The letter denotes the color of camera.

    "A" = Blue camera
    "B" = Blue camera
    "D" = Orange camera
    "G" = Green camera
    "H" = Gray camera
    "K" = Black camera
    "P" = Pink camera
    "R" = Red camera
    "S" = Silver camera
    "T" = Brown camera
    "V" = Violet camera
    "W" = White camera
    "Y" = Yellow camera
  • There are vertical/horizontal lines in my LCD screen. What do I do?
    We suggest you remove the battery and after a short wait, replace it. If this does correct the issue the camera will need to be sent in for service. Please click here for assistance.Click Here.
  • The LCD screen on my camera is blank. What do I do?
    We suggest you remove the battery and after a short wait, replace it. If this does correct the issue the camera will need to be sent in for service. Please click here for assistance.Click Here.
  • Regarding the GPS feature of the DMC-ZS7, why is it that sometimes the location recorded to the photo is not correct?
    When the camera is turned off it wakes up a few times per hour to obtain its current location. If the camera is located in a place where it cannot receive the GPS satellites, the position cannot be updated. In this case, when powered on it can take 30-60 seconds to acquire the latest position assuming it can receive the GPS satellites. There is a status indicator on the LCD screen that will tell the user when all the required data has been obtained. If a photo is taken without allowing the location to be updated, the last accurate location will be used.
  • My lens cover won't open or close. What do I do?
    We suggest you remove the battery and after a short wait, replace it. If this does correct the issue the camera will need to be sent in for service. Please click here for assistance.Click Here.
  • My LCD screen is cracked. Can it be repaired or replaced?
    Yes the LCD screen can be repaired, but accidental damage is not covered under warranty so there will be a charge. To get more help and information please click here.
  • My camera's lens won't extend or retract. What do I do?
    Remove the battery and replace it. If this does not correct the issue then the camera will need to be serviced. Please click here for more assistance.Click Here.
  • My camera won't turn on because i dropped it. How can i get it fixed?
    For assistance on this issue please click here.
  • My camera won't power on. What can I do?
    If you have a second battery, try it to see if you can power on the camera. If you don't have an extra battery and you're sure the battery you have is fully charged then the camera may need to be serviced. Click Here.
  • My camera can record HD motion video (AVCHD). I created a DVD and sent it to a friend. My friend called to tell me that he cannot play the DVD. Why is that?
    AVCHD DVD's can only be played in BD players that are AVCHD compatible.
  • I've noticed that while using my GPS equipped camera, sometimes, the location is not inserted.
    GPS is a "line of sight service" that receives signals from several satellites that are constantly moving overhead. In order to calculate your position accurately, your camera's GPS receiver must simultaneously receive at least 4 GPS satellites. At any given time the number of satellites that are in line of sight to your camera will vary. Also, if you are using the camera in a city, near tall buildings, they may also obstruct your line of sight view to the GPS satellites. The building creates shadows, just as with sunlight, that can create temporary GPS outages. Such incidents are normal and do not indicate any problem that would require service.
  • I've been using the DMC-ZS7 and I've noticed that GPS locations are stored with each photo. Can this information be read by other software applications?
    The Panasonic DMC-ZS7 stores each photos GPS data in the photo's EXIF data. Our cameras follow the industry EXIF standard, so any any software that reads locations from the EXIF data should work. Please be advised that Panasonic has not officially tested such software and cannot endorse any specify product.
  • Is there any software for the Mac OS that will work with the camera or camcorder?
    Yes, iMovie and iPhoto can be used to import the video and pictures.
  • Is there any benefit to buying "ultra fast" SD / SDHC cards?
    For basic digital still photography, any speed card should work just fine. If you shoot a lot in "auto bracket" or "burst" mode, a faster card will allow you to shoot more images while decreasing the time the camera may pause to allow images to be written to the card. For motion HD video, faster cards (Class 6) are required due to the amount of data that is being transferred in real time.
  • Is PHOTOfunSTUDIO compatible with Mac?
    No, PHOTOfunSTUDIO is not compatible with Mac.
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