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LUMIX DMC-GM1KD Interchangeable Lens (DSLM) Camera Kit with 12-32mm Silver Lens - Retro Textured Orange

  • Iconic design with new micro technology, speed and image quality
  • Shoot easily with durable, light magnesium alloy frame
  • Get into hybrid photography with high-quality stills plus Full HD video
  • Share with smartphone or tablet via wireless feature

Firmware & Drivers

FIRMWARE Download Instructions
  • DMC-GM1K Firmware Update DOWNLOAD Download and install instructions
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SpecificationsExpand All

  • TYPE
    • Type
    • Recording media
    • Image sensor size
    • Lens Mount
    • Type
    • Total pixels
    • Camera effective pixels
    • Color filter
    • Dust reduction system
    • Recording file format
    • Aspect ratio
    • Image quality
    • Color Space
    • File size(Pixels)
    • Still Image
    • Motion Image*1 (MP4*2 : NTSC area)
    • Motion Image*1 (AVCHD*3 : NTSC area)
    • Continuous recordable time (Motion images)
    • Actual recordable time (Motion images)
    • Flicker reduction
    • WiFi
    • NFC
    • Type
    • Focus mode
    • AF mode
    • AF detective range
    • AF assist lamp
    • AF lock
    • Others
    • Light metering system
    • Light metering mode
    • Metering range
    • Exposure mode
    • ISO sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity)
    • Exposure compensation
    • AE lock
    • AE bracket
    • White balance
    • White balance adjustment
    • Color temperature setting
    • White balance bracket
    • Type
    • Shutter speed
    • Self timer
    • Still image
    • Video
    • Burst speed
    • Number of recordable images
    • Type
    • Flash Mode
    • Synchronization speed
    • Flash synchronization
    • Type
    • Monitor size
    • Pixels
    • Filed of view
    • Monitor adjustment
    • Digital zoom
    • Extra Tele Conversion
    • Other functions
    • Level Gauge
    • Direction Detection Function
    • Fn1, Fn2, Fn3, Fn4, Fn5, Fn6
    • Still image
    • Video
    • Exposure Mode
    • Still image and Video
    • Playback mode
    • Protection
    • Erase
    • Direct Print
    • USB
    • HDMI
    • Audio video output
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • OSD language
    • POWER
    • Battery
    • Battery life (CIPA standard)
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) (CIPA standard)
    • Weight
    • Operating temperature
    • Operating humidity
    • Software
    • Standard accessories
    • Lens Name
    • Lens Construction
    • Nano Surface Coating
    • Mount
    • Optical Image Stabilizer
    • Focal Length
    • Aperture Type
    • Maximum Aperture
    • Minimum Aperture
    • Closest Focusing Distance
    • Maximum magnification
    • Diagonal Angle of View
    • General
    • Filter Size
    • Max. Diameter
    • Overall Length
    • Weight [g]
    • Weight [oz]
  • Further Specifications
    • NOTE
    • UPC 885170193765

Owner's Manuals

Owner's Manuals and Documentation


Warranty information

FAQsFrequently asked questions about your product

  • What should I do if my product needs service?

    NOTE: This does not apply to TVs, Microwaves, Vacuums, and Massage Chairs

    For repairs and exchanges:

    Ship your product to:

    Panasonic Factory Service Center
    4900 George McVay Drive
    Suite B; Door-12
    McAllen, TX 78503

    Please include your name, address, telephone number, email address, copy of your purchase receipt (for warranty service), and a description of what is wrong with the unit. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

    Panasonic is not responsible for damage that occurs in transit. All contents should be packaged for safe travel to the service center. Customer should use a reputable small package shipping company that is able to provide a package tracking number and insurance (if customer should so desire to insure their package).

    Units that are abused, damaged, infested with insects, have corrosion, etc. will be placed out-of-warranty.

    Once your unit arrives at the facility, you may contact us for status at:

    Tel: 956-683-2930
    Toll Free: 1-866-907-9111

    Please reference your Service Job number when contacting You will be contacted if there is any cost you are responsible for.

  • Why do some of my pictures appear slanted when using the electronic shutter mode?
    When using the electronic shutter mode, due to the way the image sensor scans the image, fast action moving perpendicular to the camera may appear skewed. In such situations it's not recommended to use the electronic shutter.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • Where can I find the firmware for my device?
    Click here and enter your model number into the Get Support Now search box. Once your model appears, click on the "Support" link under the picture of your model. This will bring you to the Support Page for your model. If there are any firmware updates available for your model, they will be located under the Drivers & Downloads tab. If there is no Drivers & Downloads tab, your device's firmware is up to date.
  • When I handle my "G" series camera sometimes the LCD screen goes blank. What do I do?
    Most G Series cameras include a feature that will automatically turn the LCD screen off and switch to the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) when the user brings the camera to their eye. When this feature is enabled, and the user’s finger (or any other object) comes near the eye piece, it may activate the feature. This Eye Sensor feature is located in the Custom Settings menu.
  • There are vertical/horizontal lines in my LCD screen. What do I do?
    We suggest you remove the battery and after a short wait, replace it. If this does correct the issue the camera will need to be sent in for service. Please click here for assistance.Click Here.
  • The LCD screen on my camera is blank. What do I do?
    We suggest you remove the battery and after a short wait, replace it. If this does correct the issue the camera will need to be sent in for service. Please click here for assistance.Click Here.
  • The flash will not operate in any mode. In the configuration menu the flash option is grayed out.

    When the electronic shutter is enabled or when the camera is placed in the "silent mode" the flash is disabled (by design).

    1. This is not a malfunction
    2. The solution is to turn off the electronic shutter and / or exit the "silent" mode. Depending on the camera model, these options are in either the Camera Setup or Custom Setting menus.
    3. Resetting the camera is NOT the solution as it also results in erasing all of the custom settings.
  • My LCD screen is cracked. Can it be repaired or replaced?
    Yes the LCD screen can be repaired, but accidental damage is not covered under warranty so there will be a charge. To get more help and information please click here.
  • My camera won't power on. What can I do?
    If you have a second battery, try it to see if you can power on the camera. If you don't have an extra battery and you're sure the battery you have is fully charged then the camera may need to be serviced. Click Here.
  • Is the camera compatible with UHS-1?
    Yes, it contributes to the comfort and speed of consecutive shooting.
  • I saw a notice on Panasonic's web site that a firmware update was available for my camera. What is a "firmware update" and is it important that I install it?
    Panasonic may occasionally add a new feature to the camera, or if we discover a minor problem after the camera started selling Panasonic may issue new firmware to make the necessary changes. Any new firmware release includes a description of the changes it makes. If you are having the problem it corrects, or if you want to add the new feature, follow the instructions and install the update. You should always begin the firmware update usong a fully charged battery.
  • How do I use exposure compensation?
    To set exposure compensation, perform the following steps.
    1. Turn the camera on.
    2. Set the mode dial to "P".
    3. Press the rear dial to display the "Exposure Compensation" value.
    4. Rotate the dial to the right to brighten the image.
    5. Rotate the dial to the left to darken the image.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I set my LCD and LVF to change automatically?
    To set this function to auto, perform the following steps..
    1. Turn the camera on.
    2. Press the "Menu/Set" button to enter the menu.
    3. Press the "Down" button until you highlight "Custom Menu".
    4. Press the "Right" button to enter the "Custom Menu" screen.
    5. Press the "Down" button until you highlight "LVF/LCD Auto"
    6. Press the "Right" button access the sub menu.
    7. Select "ON".
    8. Press the "Menu/Set" button to set "ON".
    9. Press the "Menu/Set" button again to exit the menus.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I set an ISO limit on my camera?
    To set an ISO limit, perform the following steps.
    1. Turn the camera on.
    2. Press the "Menu/Set" button to seethe menu.
    3. Press the "Right" button to enter the "REC" menu.
    4. Press the "Up" button until you highlight "ISO Limit Set"
    5. Select the limit you want to set.
    6. Press the "Menu/Set" button to complete.

    Click here for Help & Tutorials

  • How do I reset the folder and picture number?
    Go into the "Setup" menu and scroll until you reach "Rec. Reset" or "No. Reset" and follow the reset procedure there.
  • How do I reset my digital Camera ?
    * To reset your camera, first make sure your camera is not in the iA mode.
    1. Press the [Menu/Set] button to bring up the Menu screen
    2. Highlight the "Setup" icon
    3. Press [Menu/Set]
    4. Scroll through the "Setup" pages until you highlight "Reset"
    5. Press [Menu/Set] again follow the screen prompt to highlight "Yes"
    6. Press [Menu/Set]
      Note: Some cameras will have a second prompt (do the same) until you have returned to the "Setup" page.

    You have now reset the camera.

  • How do I know when my Digital Still Camera battery is fully charged?
    When a battery is inserted into a Panasonic charger a green steady light will appear. When the green light goes out, the battery is completely charged, and ready to use in the camera. A blinking GREEN LED indicates a charging problem. The battery can be "shorted", though more often it is caused by a battery that is too hot or too cold. The battery should be allowed to come to room temperature before charging. Also, if the battery is 100% discharged, the blinking condition will subside after the battery has been on the charger for 10-15 minutes. If the condition persists, the battery should be replaced.
  • How do I insert/remove the SD card or battery?
    The SD Card slot and battery compartment are located next to each other. They can generally be found on the bottom or side of the camera behind the door labeled "Memory card/battery". If you need more assistance please click here for Help & Tutorials.
  • How do I correct "system error zoom"?

    This error message indicates an internal problem and would require service. Click Here.

  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • How can I improve shooting in low lighting conditions when using the kit lens (H-VS014140)?
    Shooting in low light situations is more dependent on the photographer's knowledge of photography than it is on the camera's capability. There really aren't any "magic settings" Longer exposures using a tripod mounted camera will produce the best results. Increasing the ISO can make the task easier, though one must be careful to monitor how much noise could be added.
  • How can I download video to a MAC?
    Connect to your Mac with the USB cable and import with iMovie 11.
  • How can I check the status of my camera repair?
    You can check the repair status of your camera by clicking on the link below and entering your email address and password. Click Here or contacting our Call Center at 1-800-211-7262.
  • Can I use a third party software to edit the RW2 ( RAW) files that I take with my camera?
    Any program that can open the Panasonic's RAW file can be used. However, RAW files do differ from model to model, so while your software may work with one camera's RAW files, there is no implied compatibility to other models. Many 3rd party software's do offer updates for new camera models as they are released. If you determine your software cannot open the RAW file, you need to check with your sotware's originator for updates.
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