LUMIX® 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

  • Compact, Mirror Free Design
  • Full-Time "Live View"
  • Intelligent Auto Mode


The LUMIX G1 is as easy to use as a compact digital camera, with the stunning photo quality of a digital SLR camera. It's a new-generation digital interchangeable lens camera that does away with the mirror box and complies with the new Micro Four Thirds System standard. In short, the G1 writes an entirely new chapter in the evolution of the digital interchangeable lens camera.

Full-time Live View Lets You Take It Easy

Full-time Live View shows you before you shoot how the settings change the photo

The G1's Full-time Live View is revolutionary. It lets you see in the LCD how adjusting the exposure, white balance, aperture and even the shutter speed will affect the photo. This kind of super-easy live view shooting has never before been possible with a conventional digital SLR camera.

Shutter speed effect
In Preview mode, you can even see how adjusting the shutter speed settings will affect the photo.

Aperture effect
In Preview mode, you can display a preview of the image to check the depth of field before you shoot.

Live View Finder - an electronic viewfinder complete with Full-time Live View

You've never looked into a viewfinder like this one. Developed by Panasonic for the G1, this high-performance electronic viewfinder boasts a Full-time Live View function that converts the optical viewfinder unit into a digital form. You experience a new level of shooting convenience through the high-performance viewfinder that is simply not possible with optical viewfinders of the past.

100% field of view with high resolution

The G1's Live View Finder has the large 1.4x (0.7x*) magnification and 100% field of view of the optical viewfinders on high-end digital SLR cameras. This, plus the 1,440,000-dot equivalent resolution, makes it easy to shoot the exact image the camera sees.
*35 mm equivalent.

Eye Sensor: Live View Finder switches on when you look into it

When you look into viewfinder, a sensor automatically turns the Live View Finder on and the LCD off. You enjoy smoother, easier shooting without having to switch the setting of the display.

Freely customizable information display

Customize the camera to fit your preference by changing the display style or switching to a full-screen display. The G1 also features the Quick Menu that's popular on LUMIX compact digital cameras, so you can make a variety of settings without taking your eye from the Live View Finder.

3.0-inch free-angle LCD with high 460,000-dot resolution

The large 3.0-inch LCD rotates 180° horizontally and 270° vertically, making it easy for you to capture dynamic shots from extreme angles without getting into an awkward position. And when the lighting around you changes, the LCD backlighting level automatically changes too, so you get comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes viewing at all times.

Shoot any way you want to shoot. High angle, low angle, side angle - it's easy with the G1.

iA Mode Helps You Get Beautiful Shots Anytime, Anyplace iA mode can make all the right settings - automatically

The G1's Full-time Live View is revolutionary. It lets you see in the LCD how adjusting the exposure, white balance, aperture and even the shutter speed will affect the photo. This kind of super-easy live view shooting has never before been possible with a conventional digital SLR camera.
Click here to learn more about Intelligent Auto Mode.

Shake detection - MEGA O.I.S.

The Gyrosensors built into the lens detect hand-shake and an O.I.S. shifts to compensate. Assisting you in getting those clear, beautiful, blur-free photos.

Motion detection - Intelligent ISO Control

If the subject moves as you snap the shot, the camera automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity and shutter speed to help prevent subject blur.

Face detection - Face Detection AF/AE

The camera detects when there are faces in the frame and adjusts the focus and exposure to capture them properly. This allows you to shoot beautiful portraits without any hassle.

Scene detection - Intelligent Scene Selector

The camera automatically selects whichever of five Scene modes - Portrait, Night Portrait, Scenery, Night Scenery, and Close-up - best suits the situation.

Digital Red-Eye Correction

The red-eye correction in the built-in flash and the camera's image processing circuit work together to reduce red-eye when you're using the flash to take shots of people.

Light detection - Intelligent Exposure

The camera can correct the brightness in parts of the image that are too dark due to insufficient lighting, backlighting or use of the flash.

Subject detection - AF Tracking

Once you've focused on a subject, AF Tracking keeps the subject in focus - even if it moves - until you press the shutter button.
* For use in iA mode, AF Tracking must be selected in advance.

Auto Backlight Compensation

When set to iA mode, the auto backlight compensation function activates whenever the camera detects that the light source is behind the subject. It gives you pictures with a wide dynamic range even in high contrast situations.

Contrast AF helps make Full-time Live View even more effective

The G1 not only gives you the advantages of Full-time Live View, it also adds contrast AF for even easier, more accurate focusing. These technologies make possible a variety of convenient functions - such as Face Detection AF and AF Tracking - that digital SLR cameras with phase difference AF systems cannot offer.

Versatile 1-area auto focus for finer focusing precision

When using 1-area AF mode, you can move the auto-focusing area in the frame. You can also change the size of focus area to Spot, Normal, L, or XL to fine-tune the focusing in complicated shooting compositions.

23 AF areas cover more of the frame

The auto focus system is keyed to 23 areas all around the frame, automatically assuring the optimal AF operation for any scene you're shooting.
*This is a simulated image. All 23 AF areas are not simultaneously displayed in fact

Quick AF: Focusing starts as soon as you aim the camera

The camera begins focusing the instant it determines you're in a shooting stance. This system focuses quicker than the usual method of pressing the shutter button halfway, so you're ready sooner to capture the moment.

Micro Four Thirds: Exquisite Beauty in a Smaller Package

The open standard that led to the mirror-less body

The G1 adopts the Micro Four Thirds System standard, developed as an extended version of the Four Thirds System standard for digital camera systems. By adopting this standard and developing a camera body that eliminates the mirror box and optical viewfinder unit, Panasonic was able to shorten the flange-back distance by about half (compared with a conventional Four Thirds camera) and reduce the lens mount diameter by about 6 mm. The result is a digital interchangeable lens camera that is simply revolutionary in terms of usability and mobility. Small enough for you to take anywhere yet sophisticated enough to take you as far into photography as you want to go.

LUMIX G lenses: Superior portability, superior rendering

The newly developed LUMIX G lenses comply with the Micro Four Thirds System standard for interchangeable lenses. Characterized by their compact size and lightweight, both lenses bring out the full capabilities of the 4/3-type image sensor, and support the contrast AF function of the G1 and its long list of convenient functions. Both lenses also feature Panasonic's MEGA O.I.S. (optical image stabilizer), which makes it easy to shoot super clear shots even in low-light situations by suppressing the blur caused by hand-shake.

MEGA O.I.S. - Panasonic's advanced hand-shake correction technology

The LUMIX G lenses incorporate Panasonic's MEGA O.I.S., the advanced optical image stabilization system that has highly proven in LUMIX digital cameras. In the LUMIX G lenses, efficient stabilization elaborated by a special integrated LSI that processes output from the gyrosensors, which operate 4,000 times per second

Three image stabilization modes to suit different needs

The LUMIX G lenses incorporate Panasonic's MEGA O.I.S., the advanced optical image stabilization system that has highly proven in LUMIX digital cameras. In the LUMIX G lenses, efficient stabilization elaborated by a special integrated LSI that processes output from the gyrosensors, which operate 4,000 times per second

Image is continually corrected, so you can see the image clearly on the Live View finder or the LCD.

Correction occurs only when you press the shutter release button, providing a greater corrective effect.

Continually corrects for up/down camera movement; ideal for panning action shots.

LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm/F3.5 - 5.6 ASPH./ MEGA O.I.S.

From casual snapshots to personal portraits to sweeping landscapes, this versatile zoom lens provides beautiful results in a wide range of shooting situations. It covers the standard focal range of 28 to 90 mm (35 mm equivalent). The aspheric lens element also improves optical performance by minimizing distortion, even at the 28 mm wide end.

For the lenses distortion compensation available, the horizontal axis of MTF is the distance from the center, which is compensated accordingly.

LUMIX G VARIO 45-200mm/F4.0 - 5.6/MEGA O.I.S.

Covering from 90 to 400 mm (35 mm equivalent), this telephoto zoom lens lets you capture crisp, blur-free shots when shooting sports events and other distant subjects while achieving minimum aberration at all focal length, high-contrast representation and high color reproduction by implementing 3 ED (extra-low-dispersion) lens elements.

For the lenses distortion compensation available, the horizontal axis of MTF is the distance from the center, which is compensated accordingly.

Four Thirds adaptability - Multiplying photographic possibilities

The G1 can be fit with a mount adapter DMW-MA1 (optional) that allows the use of a wide variety of high-performance Four Thirds lenses, including Leica D lenses. Naturally, the shooting functions of the G1 remain usable with the DMWMA1 mounted.* Unleash your creative possibilities, for example, by using a single focus lens to capture images with a beautiful, softly focused background, and an ultra-powerful zoom to pull distant wildlife right up close.

* Lenses other than LUMIX G lenses cannot use the AF Tracking, AFc (Auto Focus Continuous) or Continuous AF functions. Also, when a lens that does not support the Contrast AF function is mounted, operation will automatically switch to manual focus. Confirm the operation information of compatible lenses at Customer support (English).

12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor: Higher image quality, lower power consumption

The 4/3-type 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor featured in the G1 offers the best of both worlds - the superior image quality of a CCD sensor, and the lower power consumption of a CMOS sensor. New technology that makes it possible to read 4 channels of data simultaneously also helps the G1 deliver 60 frame-per second Full-time Live View images, while faithfully reproducing high-resolution images with fine detail and rich gradation.

Venus Engine HD - Next-generation digital signal processing

Two CPUs give the Venus Engine HD exceptionally advanced processing capabilities. This sophisticated LSI features effective noise reduction even at high ISO sensitivity levels. The Venus Engine HD also reproduces delicate color nuances faithfully with independent gradation control for each of the R, G and B colors. Additionally, it supports the Live View function, resulting in the display of smooth images at 60 fps. HDMI output support is also a feature of the Venus Engine HD.

Dust reduction system protects the image sensor

If dust or other foreign matter gets inside the camera when you're changing lenses, it could cling to the image sensor and show up as a spot in photos. The G1 helps eliminate this possibility by placing a Supersonic Wave Filter in front of the Live MOS sensor. Vibrating around 50,000 times per second, the filter repels dust and other particles. This keeps the image sensor clean at all times and eliminates the need for cumbersome maintenance procedures.

High Definition that Goes Beyond Beauty - All the Way to Emotion

My Color mode puts you in control of the color

In My Color mode you can freely adjust the color, brightness and saturation parameters, while checking the Fulltime Live View image to see how those adjustments affect the picture. This makes it easier and more fun to create interesting, expressive images. Adjust the settings that best suit the shooting conditions and your expressive intent, and then enjoy your own photography.

Film mode - To capture photos with a special mood or expressiveness

Much like changing the film type in a film camera, you can enjoy a wide range of expression based on six color modes and three monochromatic modes. When the multi-film mode is selected, you can record pictures having up to three different effects with each press of the shutter button.

Exposure modes and Scene modes that fit a range of situations

The G1 starts with the common P/A/S/M exposure modes and adds a host more to give you easy shooting and beautiful results in a wide range of situations. These include an iA mode in which the camera makes all of the settings, a Custom mode that lets you register up to three sets of settings you use often, and Portrait, Scenery, Sports, Close-up, Night Portrait, SCN (Sunset/Party/Baby/Pet), and My Color modes.

Advanced Scene modes give you even more control

In Portrait, Scenery, Sports, Close-up, Night Portrait modes, you can fine-tune four or five of the settings to better match the shooting conditions. This makes it easier to capture the exact image you have in mind.

Designed for easy operation

A textured coating on the grip makes the G1 easy to hold and handle, and the grip's gentle curvature helps prevent hand fatigue even after extended use. The front dial on the top of the grip provides even smoother operation. By pressing the front dial, you can quickly set the shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation while holding the camera in shooting position.

1920 x 1080-pixel HD (high-definition) photo recording

The G1 shoots wide-screen, 16:9, full-HD images. These images are simply breathtaking when displayed on an HDTV, which handles about four times the data of a standard-definition TV. With G1, you can enjoy a whole new style of HDTV viewing with family and friends.

HD output-ready for the HDTV age

The G1 has an HDMI output terminal. When the G1 is connected to an HDMI compatible TV via an HDMI mini cable (optional), the user can easily enjoy a slideshow of photos taken with the G1. When the G1 is connected to a VIERA TV that has VIERA Link capability, the TV's remote control unit can be used to run the slideshow.
* HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.

Color selection: Unique in more ways than one

Advanced technologies and performance set the G1 apart from other cameras. Its choice of body colors does too. All models feature a textured coating and, in addition to authentic black, the G1 comes in attractive red and blue colors that add to the fun of owning this unique digital interchangeable lens camera. The G1 lets you bring a splash of color into your life while capturing spectacular images of the world around you.


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