9750 Btu/h Room Air Conditioner...

Features 9750 Btu/h Room Air Conditioner with Touch Control Panel and Compact Remote Control


Conserve electricity and save money with Energy Star® Air Conditioners
Models that meet certain electricity usage requirements qualify for the government's Energy Star program. Conserve electricity and save money with our Energy Star Air Conditioners air conditioners use less electricity than conventional models. Some utility companies also offer rebates for owners of Energy Star products, potentially saving you even more money.

High EER provides comfortable and economical cooling
Our air conditioners have achieved exceptional heat-exchange efficiency. We improved key parts such as the evaporator and condenser, optimized internal airflow, and designed each model using a high EER. This can mean more comfort and lower electric bills!

Don't get up. Adjust your settings from your seat with our Compact Remote Control
The buttons you use most often-Off/On and temperature adjustment-have been placed at the upper part of the unit for easy access.

With Auto Restart there is no need to reset the temperature settings
Even if a power outage occurs, there is no need to reset the temperature or airflow settings. When the power comes back on, the air conditioner automatically resumes operation in the same mode to make the room cool and comfortable.

A light touch on your Control Panel sets the temperature or timer
The CW-XC100HU offers superb ease of use. A light touch of the Control Panel is all it takes to set the temperature or timer, and with the LED display it will give you a quick, accurate indication of your temperature setting.

Use the 12-Hour Delay Setting Timer to switch your air conditioner on and off
The CW-XC100HU features a 12-Hour Delay On/Off Setting Timer, which allows you to set your air conditioner to switch off automatically in one-hour increments, up to 12 hours from the present time. For example, you can set it when you go to bed so it shuts off while you sleep. Some models also feature timer switch-on capability, letting you set you set the timer so the air conditioner turns on before you get home from work.

Cool one area or an entire room with 4-Way Air Deflection System
The CW-XC100HU features the 4-Way Air Deflection System, which directs the airflow horizontally and vertically through adjustable front louvers, allowing you to either cool the whole room or concentrate on one area.

Keep your air cleaner with our optional e+ Filter
The e+ Filter helps you enjoy a clean home environment to keep air cleaner by removing tiny particles of dust, pollen, and smoke that can very easily pass through most ordinary filters.1.

  1. All models include a standard air filter. The e+ filter is an optional accessory.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • Energy Star® Qualified
    • Cooling Capacity (Btu/h AHAM)
    • EER
    • Moisture Removal (Pt/h)
    • Air Circulation (ft3/min)
    • Voltage (V)
    • Amperes (A)
    • Watts (W)
    • Plug Capacity Amperes (A)
    • Compact Remote Control
    • Touch Control Panel
    • Temperature Setting
    • Removable, Washable Intake Grille
    • Easy to Lift Out Filter
    • Thermostat Control
    • 12-Hour Delay On/Off Setting Timer
    • Cooling Fan Speeds
    • Economy Operation Mode
    • Dry Mode
    • Auto Air Swing
    • Air Deflection System
    • Auto Restart
    • Ventilation Control
    • Through the Wall Installation Capability
    • Slide Out Chassis
    • e+filter
    • Left or Right Side Power Cord
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight
    • UPC



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