9,000 Btu WhisperBreeze™ Split Air Conditioner (outdoor unit)


9,000 Btu WhisperBreeze™ Split Air Conditioner (outdoor unit)


Air Conditioners aren't Just for Windows Anymore
Air Conditioners aren't Just for Windows Anymore
Air Conditioners aren't Just for Windows Anymore
Panasonic split air conditioners give you more installation flexibility than ever. All that goes inside your home is the compact indoor unit, which delivers a lot of comfort without taking up a lot of space. You can even install the indoor unit on a wall that doesn't face the outdoors-just use a connecting pipe to place the separate outdoor unit up to 98' feet away1. This conveniently frees up your windows-so make sure they're clean!

So Quiet, You Might Not Know It's Running
In conventional window-type air conditioners, most of the noise comes from the compressor. Our split air conditioners use an advanced design that minimizes indoor unit noise. The compressor - and the compressor noise - stay outside where it can't disturb you.

Air-Purifying and Solar-Refreshing Deodorizing Filters
Air-Purifying and Solar-Refreshing Deodorizing Filters
Air-Purifying and Solar-Refreshing Deodorizing Filters
This unit comes with two filters, an air-purifying filter and a solar-refreshing deodorizing filter. The air-purifying filter helps trap small airborne particles such as dust, pollen and tobacco smoke. The solar-refreshing deodorizing filter is a charcoal filter that helps to remove odor from the air it circulates. Why "solar-refreshing"? You can regenerate its deodorizing effect simply by placing it in direct sunlight for approximately 6 hours every six months.

User-Friendly Remote Control
User-Friendly Remote Control
User-Friendly Remote Control
Use the remote control in the dark with easy-to-find illuminated buttons. It also features a large display screen and simple access to the most frequently used buttons (On/Off; temperature settings and up/down directional fan buttons). You can also operate the remote in either pre-programmed (powerful, economy or quiet) or individual setting mode (airflow direction, fan speed, temperature setting, timer operation etc.).

Quiet Mode Makes it Even Quieter
You can make the unit quieter at the push of a button using the remote control. When the quiet mode is activated, the fan speed (rpm) is automatically lowered from its current setting, decreasing the unit's sound output level.

Economy Mode for Energy Savings
Economy Mode sets the indoor unit's airflow flap to auto air-swing, the temperature to 0.9 degrees higher than the original set temperature, and the fan speed to Super Low. This mode is best used when you feel comfortable with the current room condition and want to save energy.

Powerful Mode for a Quick Cool-Down
Powerful mode sets the unit's airflow flap down 10 degrees, the temperature 5.4 degrees lower than the original set temperature and the fan speed to Super High. By using Powerful Mode's automatic settings, your room will get a quick cool down. Then the Split Air Conditioner will return to your original settings.

  1. The CS-C28CKU and CU-C28CKU can have up to 98 feet of piping between units. Smaller BTU units have lesser maximum pipe lengths. See model for details.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • ***Please Note***
    • Flexible Installation
    • Super Quiet
    • Anti-microbial Filter
    • Odor Removing Function
    • Removable, Washable Panel
    • Cross-Flow Fan
    • Airflow Direction Control
    • Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • Circulation Operation Mode
    • Heat Pump with Hot Start Control
    • Powerful Mode
    • Economy Mode
    • Dry Mode
    • Quiet Mode Auto Control
    • Sleep Mode Auto Control
    • 24-Hour ON/OFF Real Setting Timer
    • Luminous, User-Friendly Remote Control
    • Automatic Operation Mode
    • Top-Panel Maintenance Access
    • Auto Restart ( Random)
    • Anti-Corrosion Condenser
    • Maximum Pipe Length
    • Minimum Pipe Length
    • Double-Bend Heat Exchanger
    • 2-Wing Fan
    • Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)
    • SEER
    • Electrical Data
    • Noise (SPL)
    • Moisture Removal
    • Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi)
    • Refrigerant Pipe Diameter
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight



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