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32" Diagonal Stereo Monitor-Receiver with PanaBlack™ picture tube and 3 sets of A/V input jacks and color picture-in-picture capability

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    • Digital Velocity Modulated Scan
    • Fine Pitch Picture Tube
    • Color Temperature Control
    • Color Transient Improvement
    • Invar Mask
    • ID-1 Detection (for anamorphic DVD)
    • Motion Vector Detection
    • Precision Notch Filter
    • Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 Pulldown)
    • Video Noise Reduction
    • Wideband Video Amplifier
    • Color Matrix Adjustment
    • First-Surface Glass Mirror
    • High Resolution CRT
    • Artifical Intelligence Picture
    • Luminance YNR Noise Reduction
    • Selectable 16:9 Mode
    • VVLL Brightness Uniformity
    • Advanced AS2 Screen Shield
    • Active Light Control
    • Active System Control
    • Super DSC
    • AC-3 Optical Output
    • Artificial Intelligence Sound
    • Bass/Treble/Balance Controls
    • Built-In Closed Caption Decoder
    • Stereo/SAP with dbx NR
    • Surround Sound
    • Headphone Jack
    • Earphone Jack
    • A/V Program Out Jacks
    • Center Channel Audio Input Jack
    • AC/DC Operation with Car Cord
    • Auto Power On
    • Auto Programmable Scan
    • Channel Banner
    • Channel Labeling
    • Clock and Sleep Timer
    • Favorite Channel Scan
    • First Time Set Up
    • Game Guard
    • Parental Guidance (Channel Lock and Game Guard)
    • QuickScan
    • Recall/Rapid Tune
    • V-Chip Program Lockout
    • Video Input Labeling
    • Video Input Picture Memory
    • Video Input Skip
    • Energy Star Compliance
    • Double Bass Boost
    • Icon Menu
    • Game Mode
    • Channel Lock
    • Advanced Progressive Processing
    • Advanced Plasma Brightness Intensifier
    • Asymmetrical Cell Structure Panel
    • Dual Scanning Method
    • Anti-Reflective Screen Coating
    • Tilt Function
    • Built-in DVD Player
    • 8-bit P-I-P Image Processing

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