WMA/MP3/CD Receiver


WMA/MP3/CD Receiver with 512 Color OEL Display


High Power Digital Amp-Pump up the Power
An analog amp varies its voltage to control power amplification. In contrast, a digital amp controls power amplification by rapidly switching the current on and off to drive the speakers. This promotes cooler operation so higher power can be handled without increasing heatsink size. This is how Panasonic achieved the difficult goal of fitting 70W x 4 (max.) amp performance in a car audio package.

Colorful Graphics Burst into Action
The 512-color OEL (Organic Electro Luminescence) display has 256 x 64 pixels for impressive clarity. OEL is a self-illuminating display technology that is easy to read, with a wide viewing angle and about five times the contrast of an LCD screen. Well suited to displaying motion-graphics, OEL has a rapid low-temperature response time for reduced ghosting and flicker compared to LCDs. There are three kinds of motion pattern presets and 10 still-pattern presets.

Customize the High Definition 3D Dot Matrix Display
Spice up your drive with our CD receiver's high definition 3D action graphics that look especially cool on the illuminated blue display. There are five motion patterns, including Formula 1 racecar action and a scenic cityscape called Metropolis, and 10 still images to choose from. You can also customize the background (motion/still image), opening, and ending screens using your own images stored on a CD-R/RW disc. There are a wide variety of these images available on our special download website. All you have to do is download the images you like, burn them onto a CR-R/RW disc, and load the disc into the CD receiver. You'll be able to replace the pre-installed images with the new images on your disc. Using the customizing software, Image Studio*, from the special download website, you can edit and process your own digital images (video and stills) to use as 3D Dot matrix background screens.

Enjoy a New Generation of Radio-XM Satellite Radio
With the CQ-C9901U you can enjoy a new generation of radio-XM satellite Radio-when you hook up the optional XM receiver and digital adapter. XM Radio uses digital transmission to provide CD-like sound quality, with over 130 channels and 100% commercial-free music on channels of your choice. In addition to rock, jazz, country, blues, classical and other genres on more than 60 music channels, you also have over 30 channels of news, sports, talk and entertainment, plus over 20 dedicated channels of XM instant traffic and weather. With XM Radio, you can look forward to a mobile listening experience that's always fresh and never boring.

Hear Only the Station You Want
A radio's IF filter has the job of preventing neighboring broadcast frequencies from interfering with reception of your desired station. Our Radio DSP uses an advanced algorithm to perform this task digitally, so you only hear the station you want. It maintains the optimum balance between noise suppression and sound quality by automatically adjusting the IF filter bandwidth in response to the variable interference you may encounter as you drive.

Multi-Channel Sound from any Music Source
What if your car's four speakers could deliver the virtual ambience and soundstage depth of a 5.1-channel surround system? SRS CS Automotive technology makes that possible with multi-channel sound not just from DVD videos, but from any music source including the radio, WMAs, MP3s, and CDs. This 3D sound reproduction technology is based on HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) theory. It compensates the signal based on the way humans determine sound directionality according to frequency changes. This lets you experience a natural sound field anywhere in the car, unlike artificial sound-field manipulation by methods such as time delay. TruBass and Focus functions are also provided to bring back the rich bass and sparkling treble tones that tend to be lost in compressed music formats like MP3 and WMA.

Play Many Popular Music Formats
This CD receiver not only plays CDs, but also CD-R/RW discs, including MP3 and WMA formats. If you've got WMA and MP3 music files recorded on the same CD-R/RW disc, no problem-our CD receiver can handle it. For your listening pleasure, the acclaimed Alphatuner V FM/AM tuner circuitry is built into this unit as well, and there are 18 FM and 6 AM presets. Through years of experience, our advanced technology has made it possible to pack all of these incredible features into such a compact 1-DIN form.

Personalize Your Sound with the Great Equalizer
Personalize your sound system with our SQ9 nine-band graphic equalizer. Not only does it provide manual adjustments to help you fine tune your music, but it also offers a series of one-touch equalizer settings, such as Rock, Pop, Vocal, Jazz, Club and Flat.

SpecificationsExpand All

    • Maximum Output Power
    • Digital Amplifier
    • MOS-FET Output Stage
    • SRS CS Automotive
    • Sound Quality
    • High & Low Pass Filters (crossover)
    • SBC-SW (Super Bass Controlled Subwoofer)
    • Muting (M) / Attenuator (A)
    • Bass, Treble, Balance Fader Controls
    • Speaker Impedance
    • Pre-Amp Outputs (Front/Rear/Subwoofer)
    • Preamp Output Level/Impedance
    • Subwoofer Output Level/Impedance
    • High Pass Filter Frequency
    • Low Pass Filter Frequency
    • HD Radio™
    • Satellite Radio Ready
    • Radio DSP
    • FM/AM Presets
    • Auto Preset Memory with Scan
    • FMO (FM Optimizer)
    • AFE (Adaptive FM Front End)
    • INQ (Impulse Noise Quieting)
    • AM Usable Sensitivity (S/N 20dB)
    • FM Usable Sensitivity (75 ohms, S/N 30dB)
    • 50dB Quieting Sensitivity (75 ohms)
    • S/N Ratio (FM mono)
    • Stereo Separation (1kHz)
    • Alternate Channel Selectivity
    • AAC*/MP3/WMA Playback
    • CD-R/CD-RW Playback
    • Multi-stage Noise Shaping 1-bit DAC
    • 3-Beam Hologram Pickup
    • One-chip Digital Circuit
    • CD Controls
    • Pause
    • CD Text Display
    • Frequency Response (±1dB)
    • S/N Ratio
    • THD (1kHz)
    • Channel Separation (1kHz)
    • Track/Disc Scan
    • Track/Disc Repeat
    • Search and Random Play
    • Color OEL Display
    • High Definition 3D Dot Matrix Display
    • Large Rotary Knob
    • Super Bright Display with Dimmer
    • LCD Illumination Color
    • Button Illumination Color
    • Spectrum Analyzer
    • Level Meter
    • Day & Night Design
    • AUX Input
    • Fully Motorized Front Panel
    • Open Face CD Access
    • Removable Faceplate
    • Flashing Warning Light
    • Wireless Remote Control
    • Built-in Quartz Clock
    • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    • Weight



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