Ventilation Systems Accessories


  • FV-GKF32S1

    Passive Inlet Vent

  • PC-RD05C

    Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • FV-WC04VE1

    WhisperComforts FV-WC04VE1 polypropylene wall cap accessory with Styrofoam adapter conveniently allows both exhaust (from the right) and supply (from the left) airflow through a single 5.5"-5.75" penetration in the building envelope. Due to the dividers inside of the unique Y-shape chamber and the new wall cap, cross contamination is prevented.

  • FV-DA05VS1

    WhisperValues FV-DA05VS1 polypropylene accessory is ideal for increasing a 3 duct to a 4. The offset openings and one side flat edge allows this adapter to fit in tight ceiling or wall cavities where 4 ducts are used.

  • PC-RD05C3

    Ceiling Radiation Damper