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First, check for proper installation. The unit should be mounted level or with a slight 1/4" tilt to the outside. If the unit has not been serviced, it may have plugged water passages and require cleaning from an authorized service provider. Under extreme conditions, a drain kit may need to be installed.


A mildew smell might mean that water isn't evaporating properly from the unit, and is building up. This can result if the air conditioner is too large for the space that it's cooling, or if it's being run in Economy mode. Running the unit in the Fan Only mode may reduce the possibility of odor buildup.If odor is a persistent problem, a drain kit may need to be installed.


Yes, this is normal. However, if the unit is on for a short time and then off for a very long time, then your air conditioner may be too large for the room that it is cooling. Open the door to other parts of the house to increase the load on the unit as well as the time the compressor is on.


Most air conditioners make noises that sound like splashing water during operation. This is normal.Vibration or rattling noises aren't normal. They can be caused by improper installation or loose side panels. If you are hearing a scraping noise, the unit needs to be referred to an authorized servicer.


Under normal operation, your unit should cool an area 15-20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.If this isn't the case, your air conditioner may not be the right size for the area being cooled. Or your air filter may be dirty, and not cooling air efficiently. Also, you should make sure that all of the exterior vents are unobstructed, and that there is at least 18" of clearance between the back of the unit and the wall of the building or fence.


First, test the outlet that your air conditioner is using to see if it functions properly.If the outlet isn't faulty, make sure that your unit isn't in economy mode, and that the thermostat is set to the coldest position. Additionally, if the model has a timer, make sure it is set to 'Manual'.


Air conditioners require a lot of current to operate. It is recommended that all of our units be placed on their own dedicated circuit.If fuses are used, they should only be 15amp Time-delay fuses.If the problem persists, move the unit to another location or call a qualified electrician to check for proper electrical supply. Any electrical work or modifications must be referred to a licensed electrician.


No. Our units evaporate water on their own. The drain plug only needs to be removed in high humidity, when there may be excess water that wasn't removed by evaporation.

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