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After turning the unit on, press the


You should clean the disc, because it may be dirty, has fingerprints, or smudges on the playback side of the BD disc, which normally occurs with rental videos.


Panasonic DMPBD series players can upconvert regular DVD movies to 1080p resolution if connected via HDMI to TV and the TV is capable of handling 1080p resolution signals. If it's connected via Component video cables, the highest resolution that a regular DVD movie can playback will only be 480p, while the BD DVD can playback up to 1080i resolution with this type connection.


The best way is to connect HDMI OUT from the BD player to the HDMI IN to the receiver/amplifier and HDMI OUT from the receiver/amplifier to TV HDMI IN


Panasonic 3D TVs will not display the checkerboard signal. Please select "FULL HD" in the player "3D Settings" menu for "3D Type" when it is connected to a Panasonic TV.


Only our 2010 Blu-ray Home Theater system models that can access the Vieracast service are compatible with Netflix. All previously released models prior to the year 2010 do not have hardware support for Netflix due to DRM (Digital Rights Management).


"All Panasonic Blu-ray players will normally play Blu-ray discs that are formatted into Region Code A. Any other Blu-ray discs formatted into a different region will not play on our units.Please check also if your disc has deep scratches or smudges that might hinder playback on the unit.If the Blu-ray disc is verified to be Region A coded, (the disc will have this stamped on a hexagon logo or on the case) and the disc is scratch-free, or it is a commercial disc, then it should play. Otherwise it may be a bad disc.If you still have difficulty playing a specific Blu-ray movie, your unit might need a firmware upgrade that you can download from the Panasonic USA website to improve Blu-ray disc compatability and playback."


"This movie title requires that an SD card of 128MB or larger to be inserted into the Blu-ray player prior to inserting the BD disc each time you watch this movie. The SD card must be formatted in the Blu-ray player before use. (Do not format the SD card using your PC.) PLEASE NOTE: Formatting the SD Card will delete all content from the SD Card. It is recommended to copy all data (such as photos and video) from the SD Card to a computer or other storage device before formatting. Formatting an SD card in the player: - Insert an SD card (1GB or higher capacity) into the SD slot of your Blu-ray player. - Press [FUNCTIONS], select "Other Functions" and press [OK]. - Select "Card Management" and press [OK], then follow the on-screen commands. Once formatting is complete, leave the SD card in the SD card slot. Insert the movie disc into the Blu-ray player and it should play normally."


Please check if the disc has smudges or deep scratches on the readable surface. If not, then the DVD may not be formatted on a region code compatible with the unit which is Region 1 or ALL. This information is usually imprinted on a logo either on the disc itself or at the back of the DVD case. Panasonic only incorporates the NTSC U/C format into its players, so PAL and PAL-SECAM formatted DVD discs will not play. If you have made sure that the DVD is formatted to play on the unit, but it still does not play, it may be a bad disc. However, if no commercial DVD plays on your unit then the product may require servicing.


"The unit is designed to power off after 30 minutes of inactivity.If you have set a SLEEP TIMER and it is activated, the power off time has already elapsed.The VIERALINK feature is enabled and a compatible HDMI-CEC device such as a Panasonic Viera Plasma or LCD Television that is connected to the unit has been powered off.The main unit may have also encountered an abnormal operation due to overheating from prolonged use or a short coming from a speaker wire.If your unit is operating on firmware version 1.1 - 1.5, a bug has been identified to cause this kind of problem. To check the firmware version your unit is operating on, Press the [START] button on the remote control to open the display menu screen. Using the Up and Down cursor buttons on the remote control, select the "Other Functions" - "Setup" tab. The "Setup" menu will appear. Using the Up and Down cursor buttons on the remote control, select the "Others" tab - "Others" items will appear. Using the Up and Down cursor buttons on the remote control, select "System Information" tab. In the "System Information" screen, the current firmware version for your player will be displayed (e.g. "1.01") Please make note of this version number. If your firmware version is below 1.5, please download firmware version 1.6 or higher via network connectionto install directly into the unit, or from the Panasonic USA website (www.panasonic.com) to create an update disc."


"If you do not get the main disc menu items while playing the Blu-ray title


"Please check if the speaker cord from that particular speaker is properly connected to the main unit. If yes, then try doing a speaker test.Press the START button on the remote to display the START menu on the TV screen. Highlight SETUP and press [OK]. Highlight AUDIO and press [OK]. Select SPEAKER and press [OK]. Select TEST on the screen and press [OK]. Wait for the test signal from all the speakers and check if all of them output a test signal."

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