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Baby Grand Digital Ensemble

Model number: SX-PR1000

Baby Grand Digital Ensemble

Keyboard 88 keys with Natural Response Action
Sound Generator PCM
Maximum Polyphony 64 notes
Number of Sounds 1,009 sounds (incl. soloist sounds), 33 drum kits, 2 digital drawbars
Sounds piano (grand, upright, electric, modern), strings, brass, sax & woodwind, organ & accordion, synth, vocal, guitar & harpsi, mallet & orch per, bass, drum kits, sound explorer, piano mixtures, orchestral mixtures, digital drawbar
Sound Explorer No
Effects multi effect, chorus, reverb, brilliance, digital effect, solo
Conductor right 1, right 2, left
Transpose 2 octave : C (-1 octave) ˜ C ˜ C (+1 octave)
Number of Rhythms 128 rhythms x 4 variations, intro/ending minor sequence, new chord modify system
Rhythm Group 8 & 16 beat, ballad, jazz combo, big band & swing, latin & world, soul & disco, gospel & blues, country & western, ballroom & show time, march & waltz
Controls main volume, APC/sequencen volume, balance, mute, conductor, start/stop, intor & ending 1, intro & ending 2, fill in 1, fill in 2, count intro, synchro & break, tempo/program, tap tempo, fade in/out, split point, R1/R2 octave
Auto Play Chord basic, advanced 1, advanced 2, pianist, on bass, left hold
Techni-Chord 14 types, orchestrator
Chord Finder mode, root, type, inversion
One-Touch Play yes (with Music Style Select)
Sound Arranger Yes
Music Style Arranger Yes
Customize display timeout, data protection, favorites setting, MIDI setting load option, language setting, disk preference
Sound Edit No
Sequencer Storage Capacity approx. 40,000 notes, 10 songs max, 16 track recording
Sequencer Recording Modes easy record, realtime record, step record, punch record
Sequencer Functions record & edit/copy & paste/range edit
Composer Storage Capacity approx. 13,000 notes
Composer Parts 8 parts (bass, accomp 1-5, drums 1, 2)
Composer Recording Modes realtime record, step record
Composer Functions load single composer, pattern copy, sequencer to composer copy
Composer Memory 3 memories x [variation 1-4, intro 1q 2, (maj, min), fill in 11, 2, (for each variation), ending 1, 2, (maj, min)]
Program Menus sound, control, MIDI, customize, sequencer, composer, sound arranger, touch sensitivity, piano performance pads, reverb & effect
Demo 9 songs with slide show
Help Yes
Panel Memory 8 x 3 banks, set, next bank, bank view
Performance Pads preset phrase: 20 banks x 6 (with solo)user: 3 banks x 6 (with solo)compile bank: 2, control preset, stop, auto setting
Compatibility NX, GM2, GM, SMF w/ Lyrics
Direct Play SMF (0/1), PianoDisc®, DOCTM
Display large graphic LCD (320 x 240 dots), page, contrast, exit, display hold
Terminals headghone terminals x 2, line out, aux in, MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU), comupter, pedal in
Output 240W (120W x 2)
Speakers 20cm (7 7/8") x 26.5cm (2 9/16") x 2monitor speaker x 2
Included Accessories AC cord, floppy disk, song book
Touch Sensitivity Yes
Sound Memory 40 sound memories, 1 user drum kit
Key Split G2, C3, C4 + free split
Pedal sustain (8 steps), soft, sostenuto
Metronome Yes
Simple Piano Yes
Pianist Song 10 songs (with song book)
Favorites Yes
Microphone Input yes (mic and reverb effects)
Disk Drive built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive for 2HD (1.44MB)/2DD (720kB) disks
Piano Stylist Yes
One Touch Play Yes
Music Style Select No
Techni-Chord Orchestrator No
Music Style Arranger Yes
Lyrics yes (SMF direct play)
USB Port No
Progressive Pianist No
Audio Recorder Software No
Song Manager Software No
Theater Sonic No
Video Out No
Dynamic PCM Sound Source Yes
Digital Drawbar Yes
NX Sound with Expandability Yes
128-Note Polyphony No
Piano Performance Pads Yes
Chord Finder Yes
Eight-Track Composer Yes
Simple Piano Yes
Natural Response Action Yes
Dynamic Acoustic Technology Yes
16-Track Sequencer Yes
Separate DSP Effects and Mixing Yes
Technichord Yes
Panel Memories Yes
MIDI Jacks Yes
Over 1000 Sounds Yes (1,044)
Over 30 Drum Kits Yes (39)
Diverse Rhythm Section Yes
Explosive Sound System Yes (240 watts, 8 speakers, and 2 bass-reflex speaker ports)
800 Piano Stylist Settings Yes


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