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ECS Media Lab Controller Package

Model number: SX-ECSLC2

ECS Media Lab Controller Package Distributed by Technics

High Quality Audio with Digital Switching Yes
Panasonic GigaRange® Cordless Phone included, allows for wireless headset operation
Student Capacity up to 16 students plus teacher (2 linked lab controllers can accommodate up to 32 students)
Private Tutor Feature allows for one-on-one instruction
Computer Compatibility Mac/PC compatible through standard serial port connector cable
Students Per Station up to 2 students per station
Included Software TLC2 ECS Media Controller Software for optional computer control of all function assignments (students, groups, class settings)
Also includes additional music education software from ECS
Included Cables 16 pre-cut telephone type connector cables 15m (50') in length
one 4' audio cable to connect teacher's instrument
Teacher-Student Communication private/individual (select the individual student)
groups (using Group Communication feature)
entire classroomwireless headset
Student Grouping assign students to one of four groups (A thru D)
All Mute Feature silences entire classroom
Monitor Out allows teacher/student performances to be recorded and/or broadcasted
CB2 Student Boxes 16 included (connect to instrument headphone out)
Headphones 18 included headphones with attached microphones


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