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Automatic Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature

Model: SR-TEG10
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Automatic Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature

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  • 5 Cups Uncooked Rice
  • Keep Warm Feature
  • Steaming Feature
  • One-Step Automatic Cooking
  • Auto Rewind Power Cord

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5 Cups Uncooked Rice Capacity

Cool Touch Body & Carrying Handle

For convenient and safe portability

Domed Lid

Helps prevent accumulated water droplets from re-entering the rice

Dual Cooking and Warming Indicators

The "Cooking" light indicates cooking is in progress and automatically extinguishes when cook time is complete. The "Warming" light indicates when the rice is cooked and being kept warm for when you're ready to eat.

Keep Warm Feature

When cooking is complete, the unit automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and rice is maintained at the perfect temperature.

Moisture Cap

Helps prevent boil over and maintains moisture after cooking for fluffier rice.

Steaming Feature

The unit doubles as a food Steamer! Enjoy delicious steamer vegetables and other foods that retain their natural flavor, color & texture without boiling away nutrients.

Auto Rewind Power Cord

For convenient and tidy storage

One Step Automatic Cooking

With just the press of a button, your rice is cooked to perfection.

Included Accessories:

Rice Scoop, Steam Basket Measuring Cup

Test Kitchen Tip:

Fill the pot with equal parts rice and water, plus an additional 1/2 cup of water