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Microcomputer Controlled Fuzzy Logic® Rice Cooker

Model: SR-MGS102

Microcomputer Controlled Fuzzy Logic® Rice Cooker

  • Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • 24-Hour Preset Timer
  • Push Button Lid Release
  • 8 Pre-Program Control Panel
  • Keep Warm Feature

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5 Cups Uncooked Rice Capacity

Attractive, Stainless Steel Finish

Beautifully compliments any kitchen decor

Domed Lid Design

Helps prevent accumulated water droplets from re-entering the rice

Easy-to-Read LCD Display

A quick glance tells you the cooking status

Advanced Fuzzy Logic® Technology

Adjusts power & cooking time automatically for precise and consistent results every time.

Moisture Cap

Helps prevent boil over and maintains moisture after cooking for fluffier rice.

Pushbutton Lid Release

No need to manually lift the lid when your hands are busy with other things

Removable Inner Lid

Convenient removal of inner lid allows for easy cleaning in the sink

Detachable Power Cord

Remove the power cord for tidier storage or when serving rice right out of the cooker.

Keep Warm Feature

When cooking is complete, the unit automatically switches to Keep Warm Mode and rice is maintained at the perfect temperature.

Preset Timer

Timer function lets you control cooking start time so fresh-cooked rice is ready when you are.

Included Accessories:

Rice Scoop, Measuring Cup, Detachable Power Cord

Test Kitchen Tip:

For the best tasting "slow cook" use, brown the meat prior to placing in the SR-MGS102. De-Glaze the pan you browned the meat in and then, cover way up the meat with Stock (Beef, Veal, etc., depending on what youre braising.)