Semi-Automatic Turntable

Model number: SL-BD20D

Semi-Automatic Turntable

Type semi-automatic with auto-return and shutoff
Drive System DC servo belt-drive
Wow and Flutter 0.045% WRMS, ±0.06% peak
Rumble -70dB DIN B
Tonearm Type straight low-mass plug-in connector
Cartridge Type plug-in connector, MM cartridge
Disc Slip Mat No
Aluminum Diecast Cabinet No
Helicoid Tonearm Height Adjustment No
Finish black
Dust Cover hinged, detachable
Voltage-Controlled Amplifier Circuitry No
Dust-Resistant Construction No
3-Column Level Meter No
Trim Controls No
Cartridge high performance MM cartridge included
Base anti-resonant TNRC base
Monitoring Controls and Booth Monitor Output No
T4P P-Mount Plug-In Connector System Yes
Free-Style Monitoring with Swing Arm System No
Reversible Housing No
Foldable No


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