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Wireless Speaker System

Model: SC-NE5
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Wireless Speaker System

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  • Stream Wirelessly – enjoy music streaming via DLNA, Airplay, Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Music Streaming App – control and select how you stream your music
  • Pure Dynamic Sound – minimized audio distortion with digital signal processing for high sound quality.

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Stream and share music stored on your mobile device, wirelessly!

Panasonic's SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System lets you enjoy your music in a whole new way. That's because of an innovative Music Streaming App that gives you more control. It supports all streaming technology (DLNA, AirPlay®, Bluetooth® Wireless) so you can choose how you access, stream and play music from your smartphone or tablet on a high-quality, powerful speaker system.

DLNA Functionality Means Easier Access

As a DLNA-certified device, the Panasonic SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System integrates with your home network for quick and easy access to your digital music. No more loading discs, or connecting cables. Everything streams seamlessly and wirelessly.

* Requires Windows 7 or above Operating System. Playability may depend on PC performance.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Means You Can Play Your Friends Music Too!

Since the Panasonic SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System doesn't need a LAN network to operate, it can stream music from any Bluetooth® Wireless Technology-compatible digital device! It makes sharing and enjoying music so much easier, because you can stream something stored on your friend or family's device no matter where they are.

Bluetooth® Re-Master Ensures Crystal-Clear Sound

You won't have to worry about lost or muffled signals ruining your sound. That's because the Panasonic SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System automatically compensates for audio signals lost during Bluetooth® wireless transmission. So you'll always get high quality music, played on a world-class Panasonic speaker.

Stream Your iPod, Tablet, Even CDs Wirelessly

Now, even your CDs can be played wirelessly! That's because the Panasonic SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System comes with an innovative Docking/CD Unit that streams your CDs directly to the speaker. You'll also have the ability to stream audio from your iPod or tablet, which gives you even more options for enjoying your favorite music, podcasts, audio books and more.

Play your Entire iTunes Library Wirelessly with Airplay®

The Panasonic SC-NE5 is fully compatible with iTunes, so you can wirelessly stream music from your PC or iPhone via a wireless LAN network using Airplay®. And because Airplay® transmits audio uncompressed, you will always get the richest, fullest sound without any degradation...from anywhere in your home!

* For this function, a wireless LAN environment is required.
* To use the AirPlay® function, this unit must join the same network as the compatible device.

Powerful Sound from a Compact Speaker

The Panasonic SC-NE5 is equipped with a 2-Way Speaker System that boasts a 3-1/8" Long Stroke Woofer with a Nanosized Bamboo Cone and 1" Tweeter. This gives you rich and robust sound, from crystal-clear treble to deep, pulsating bass. In fact, the depth of sound is surprising coming from such a slim, compact speaker.

3-D Aero Stream Port Gives You Deep Bass with Less Distortion

The Panasonic SC-NE5 Wireless Speaker System uses an innovative Aero Stream Port to produce dynamic bass with minimal distortion. Its unique 3-dimensional structure and rounded corners provides smoother and steadier airflow. That ensures you get a rich deep sound without the rumbling distortion that detracts from your sonic experience.

Nanosized Bamboo Cone Speaker Provides Fresher, Clearer Tones

The Panasonic SC-NE5 is equipped with a bamboo cone speaker which provides greater sonic clarity while minimizing distortion. Plus, the all-new SC-NE5 boasts finer bamboo fibers than previous models, so the sound is cleaner and clearer than ever before.

Pure Direct Sound System Reduces Noise

When sound waves bounce off surrounding surfaces, the scattering that results often causes music to sound noisy and distorted. But the Panasonic SC-NE5 comes with noise-canceling technology. Using digital signal processing, it reduces the scattering so your sound is clean and pure, with significantly less distortion.