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SC-HTB520 Home Theater System Sound Bar with Subwoofer

Model: SC-HTB520
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SC-HTB520 Home Theater System Sound Bar with Subwoofer

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Videos & 360 View

Sound Bar Home Theater System

  • 3D Pass Through
  • Clear-Mode Dialog
  • Matches width of 42" - 50" TV
  • Wireless Downfiring Subwoofer

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Home Theater System

By combining a slim bar-type home theater system with a 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player, you can construct a simple yet stylish FULL HD 3D home theater system. Clear-mode Dialog allows vocals to be heard from the center of the screen, and the Wireless Down Firing Subwoofer produces dynamic deep bass sounds to make movie viewing even more enjoyable.

A sophisticated design that matches interior accessories

Innovative Stylish Design

The slim, stylish home theater design is a perfect match for a wall-mounted VIERA TV. A stainless mesh material is used for the speaker net, and finished with a stylish mirror coating. The speaker unit inside is visible through the mirror coated net in this highly unique design.

Powerful bass sound

Down Firing Subwoofer

The Down Firing Subwoofer achieves powerful bass by releasing the sound downward from the speaker unit and port, and utilizing the sound reflected from the floor.

Crisp dialog from the center of the screen

Clear-mode Dialog

By expanding the sound field in the upper front area of the TV screen, Clear-mode Dialog gives the sound greater depth. It also makes voices sound like they're coming from the center of the screen. This links the picture and the sound more precisely, so movie dialog and music vocals are clearer.


Simple connection with an HDMI cable

ARC (Audio Return Channel)

The SC-HTB520 is compatible with the ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature. ARC makes it possible to receive audio signals from the TV, on top of the preexisting HDMI function of sending audio/video signals to the TV with just one cable. This feature simplifies connection by eliminating the audio cable connection between the TV audio output and the main unit's audio input.
*ARC compatible TV is required.