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Slim Stylish Compact Micro System

Model: SC-HC38
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Slim Stylish Compact Micro System

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  • Stream Wirelessly – enjoy music streaming with Bluetooth wireless technology from your smart device
  • iPhone/iPod Direct Dock – direct dock compatible with iPhone 5
  • Pure Dynamic Sound – minimized audio distortion with digital signal processing for high sound quality

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Stream Audio with Crystal Clear Results

Panasonic's SC-H38 Slim Stylish Compact Micro System lets you stream music from your smart device wirelessly. It's equipped with noise-cancelling digital signal processing technology, so you'll always enjoy clean, pure sound without distortion. Plus, it also serves as a direct dock for iPhones and iPods—even the latest iPhone 5.

Bluetooth® Technology with No Signal Interference

Stream your digital music directly to the Micro System Player via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. You'll always enjoy clear sound with no worries about signal interference from obstructions.

Bluetooth® Re-Master Recaptures Lost Sound

Audio signals that are lost during Bluetooth® wireless transmissions are reproduced and compensated for, so you'll always enjoy high quality sound streamed wirelessly from your smart device.

Stylish Crystal-Edge Design

Panasonic's SC-H38 Slim Stylish Compact Micro System is designed to look as good as it sounds. With a slim, high-tech body and clear crystal edges, it's a sleek, elegant way to enjoy your favorite music.