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SC-HC05 Compact Stereo System with iPod® Dock

Model: SC-HC05
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SC-HC05 Compact Stereo System with iPod® Dock

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Compact Stereo System

  • Internet Radio Control
  • Push to Open iPod®/iPhone® Direct
  • Slim, Flat Design
  • Wireless Music Streaming by Bluetooth with Remaster
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    Compact Stereo System

    Compact stereo systems for 2011 consist of a wide 4-model line-up. The compact body of the iPod/iPhone-exclusive SC-HC05 makes it ideal for personal room use.

    Perfect fit for use in limited spaces
    Slim Flat Design

    The slim body of the Compact Stereo System, which is only 2-3/4 inch depth*, makes it ideal for setting it onto a shallow shelf or mounting it to a wall**.
    * For SC-HC55/HC35, without stand. For SC-HC25, at the thinnest point.
    ** SC-HC55/35 only.

    Clear sound reproduction
    Pure Direct Sound System

    The distortion that is commonly generated by the scattered reflection of sounds from the body surface is dramatically reduced by digital signal processing (DSP) to reproduce highly pure sounds.

    Pure sound even with a Wi-Fi system
    Bluetooth Re-master

    Audio signals that are lost during Bluetooth wireless transmission are compensated, so you get high quality music from your iPhone or iPod touch with fingertip operation.

    Clear, beautiful vocals
    Advanced Bamboo Cone

    The bamboo cone speakers make the sound more responsive. Vocals are pure and clear, and dialog is crisp and easy to understand.

    Beautiful, transparent treble sounds
    2-way Speaker System

    A tweeter has been added to reproduce high-frequency sounds with high quality. The 2-way speaker system lets you enjoy sounds that are faithful to the original by reproducing a wide acoustic range, from robust bass to crisp, clear treble.

    Enjoy high quality sound from your iPod or iPhone
    Digital Music Connection for iPod/iPhone

    Digital music connection of an iPod or iPhone also allows the compact stereo system to process music signals in their original digital form. This eliminates sound degradation caused by digital/analog conversion, so users can enjoy their favorite iPod® tunes with pure sound that is highly faithful to the original.

    More powerful bass than its size suggests
    Dual Passive Radiator

    Thin passive radiators positioned at the front and back of the speaker cancel out vibrations inside the speaker, thus suppressing unwanted vibrations and delivering robust bass sound.

    Reduced power consumption during standby
    Low Power Consumption

    Panasonic audio products are designed to consume as little as possible in order to save natural resources.