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Double Auto-Reverse Dual Recording

Model number: RS-TR575

Double Auto-Reverse Dual Recording Cassette Deck

Power Eject System No
Noise Reduction System Dolby HX Pro and Dolby B/C
Auto Record Level Control No
High-Speed Editing with Synchro Start/Stop Yes
Advanced Tape Transport Mechanism Yes
Direct Operation Yes
Motor Type Capstan drive: 2-speed DC servo (x2)Reel drive: DC (x2)
Auto-Reverse double auto-reverse with 3-hour series recording and 24-hour series playback
Remote Control Wireless remote control capability with selected Technics receivers or amplifiers
Auto Tape Calibration (ATC) Yes
Tape Counter dual linear electronic tape counters
Headphone Output Level Control No
FF/REW time (C-60 tape) approx. 50 seconds
Frequency Response - Metal tape 20Hz-18kHz, 40Hz-16kHz, ±3dB
Frequency Response - High position tape 20Hz-17kHz, 40Hz-15kHz, ±3dB
Frequency Response - Normal tape 20Hz-17kHz, 40Hz-15kHz, ±3dB
S/N ratio (High position, Dolby C NR on) 74dB (A-weighted)
S/N ratio (High position, Dolby B NR on) 66dB (A-weighted)
Track system - Deck 1 record/playback
Track system - Deck 2 record/playback
Wow and Flutter (WRMS) 0.1%


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