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Double Auto-Reverse Cassette

Model number: RS-TR272

Double Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck

Power Eject System Yes
Noise Reduction System Dolby HX Pro and Dolby B/C
Auto Record Level Control Yes
High-Speed Editing with Synchro Start/Stop Yes
Advanced Tape Transport Mechanism No
Direct Operation No
Motor Type Capstan drive: 2-speed DC servo (x2)
Auto-Reverse double auto-reverse with 24-hour series playback
Remote Control Wireless remote control capability with selected Technics receivers or amplifiers
Auto Tape Calibration (ATC) No
Headphone Output Level Control No
FF/REW time (C-60 tape) approx. 120 seconds
Frequency Response - Metal tape 20Hz-18kHz, 40Hz-15kHz, ±3dB
Frequency Response - High position tape 20Hz-17kHz, 40Hz-14kHz, ±3dB
Frequency Response - Normal tape 20Hz-17kHz, 40Hz-14kHz, ±3dB
S/N ratio (High position, Dolby B NR on) 64dB (A-weighted)
Track system - Deck 1 playback
Track system - Deck 2 record/playback
Wow and Flutter (WRMS) 0.18%


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