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US571 IC Recorder - 2 GB Storage

Model: RR-US571

US571 IC Recorder - 2 GB Storage

Videos & 360 View

Built-in Zoom Microphone

Noise Reduction Function

2GB of internal memory


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Strengthened Zoom Microphone
Clear Recording of Target Sound

The zooming effect of the zoom mic, which is used to zero in on specific voices, has been enhanced in the frequency range of the human voice. This allows it to suppress unnecessary surrounding sounds and record the target sound. By using the stand that comes with the IC recorder, the sound-collecting ability of the zoom mic on the back of the recorder can be increased to further strenghen the zoom effect.

Noise Cut Function
Clear Playback of the Human Voice

The recorded sounds can be reproduced clearly with the Noise Cut Function. The unwanted noises are cut off and the targeted human voice becomes clear and vivid.

21-step Playback Speed Control
More Precise Control with Direct Operation

The playback speed can be adjusted in 21-step with the direct control button on the product. The speed can be controlled during playback, making it easier to find the exact spot you are looking for.