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IC Recorder with USB Terminal for...

Model number: RR-US395S

IC Recorder with USB Terminal for PC Link and Voice Editing Software
Voice Activated System (VAS) Yes
Sound Level Meter Yes
Built-in Front Speaker Yes
Recording Capacity 5 Folders / 99 Files per Folder (495 Total Files)
Recording Time Up to 66 hours & 50 minutes (Monaural: SP Mode)
USB Terminal & Cable (for linking to a compatible PC) Yes
Jacks Mic and Headphone (input/output)
Large, Easy-to-read Display Yes
Playback Speeds 5
Meeting and Dictation Mode Switch Yes
Timer Record and Timer Play Yes
Standard Accessories USB Cable
Dimensions (H x W x D) 329/32'' x 19/32'' x 07/8''
Weight 0.09


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