Lightweight Headphones with XBS®

Model number: RP-HT21

Panasonic Lightweight Headphones with XBS®

Drive Unit (diam. in mm) 30
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 16-22
Weight (oz.) w/o cord 1.2
Plug Adaptor (6.3mm in diam.) No
Twin XBS No
Water Resistant No
Neodymium Rare-earth Magnet No
Compact Carrying Case No
Travel-Fold Design No
In-cord Volume Control No
Wide Head-band Yes
Large Foam Earpads No
Single-side Cord No
Clip-on and Straps Design No
Interchangeable Color Caps No
Brain Shaker Extreme No
VMSS Control Switch No
Twist-free Cord No
S-path Design No
Ergonomic Design No
Open-air Design Yes
Clip-on Spiral Headphone No
Auto Rewinding System No
Single-side Monitoring No
Mute Switch No
Double Headband No
Cloth-covered Earpads No
Carrying Pouch No
Reduces Background Noise No
Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Use No
Brain Shaker No
Comfortable fit with Polyamide Hanger No
Two-way Design No
Additional Color Cap No
Two Levels of Noise Cancelling Effect No
Noise Cancelling No
Separated Controller No
Digital Monitor Headphones No
In-cord Microphone No


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