Pro DJ Technics Headphone

Model number: RP-DJ1205-S

  • Convenient DJ coiled cord
  • Free-style monitoring with swing arm system
  • Reversible housing for single-side monitoring
  • Water resistant
  • Wide, padded headband
  • Foldable design with carrying pouch
  • 1,500 mW power handling capacity
  • 8Hz~30kHz frequency response
  • 24K gold-plated L-type stereo plug adaptor
  • Made in Japan
Driver unit (mm) φ41
Impedance (Ω)/1kHz 32
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 106
Max Input (mW) 1500
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 5-30
Cord Length (ft./m) 9.8/3.0
Mini Plug (φ3.5mm) Gold
AIR Plug Adaptor Gold


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