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Qi Mobile Charger for Smartphones and Tablets: QE-PL202-W

Model: QE-PL202W
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Qi Mobile Charger for Smartphones and Tablets: QE-PL202-W

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  • Easily charge your mobile devices on the go
  • Charge two devices at once with dual USB inputs
  • Compatible with most USP-charged mobile devices
  • Take it with you - fits in bag, purse, briefcase or glovebox
  • Recharge QE-PL202 mobile charger via USB or wirelessly with QE-TS101 Qi charging pad (sold separately)
  • 5,300 mAh lithium ion capacity for long-lasting power
  • Micro-USB cable included

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Mobile charging on the go

With all of their bells and whistles, your mobile devices can deplete their power quickly. Now you can easily charge up to two smartphones, tablets or other USB-powered mobile devices on the go with the power and convenience of a compact, USB and Qi-compatible device.*

*When using supplied USB cable from your mobile device manufacturer. Not all devices are compatible.

Charge up to two devices anywhere

With its portable, lightweight design, the QE-PL202 fits neatly in your bag, suitcase, briefcase or glove compartment to go everywhere you do. And with dual USB inputs, you can easily charge two devices at the same time.

When the high-capacity 5,300 mAh lithium ion is fully charged, you'll have up to 2-plus hours of charging power. Ideal for keeping your mobile phone, tablet and other USB-powered devices charged and ready to use at work, school, business and anytime on the go. Ideal for travel too.

Refuel easily via USB

Refueling your QE-PL202 mobile charger is as near and easy as the USB cable input on your PC or laptop. Micro-USB cable included.

Refuel wirelessly with Qi

You can also recharge wirelessly with the portable Panasonic QE-TS101 Qi charging pad (sold separately). Just place the mobile charger on the pad for hassle-free, cable-free refueling. The days of putting up with lost, damaged or tangled proprietary cables are coming to an end.