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360° Quick™ Multi-Directional Steam/Dry Iron with Curved Alumite Soleplate

Model: NI-W950A
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360° Quick™ Multi-Directional Steam/Dry Iron with Curved Alumite Soleplate

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  • Alumite Scratch Proof / Non-Stick Coated Curved Soleplate 
  • 10 Foot Cord Length
  • 1700 Watts
  • 3-Way Self-Cleaning System
  • 3-Way Auto Shut-Off

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Alumite Soleplate

Anodized aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, highly scratch resistant, and extremely durable. The Alumite soleplate also glides smoothly on various materials to ensure exceptional ironing.

Patented Dual Tip Curved Soleplate

This patented soleplate design allows for quick and effortless multi-directional ironing.

10 Foot Cord Length

Convenient extra long cord length.

3-Way Auto Shut-Off

Our mercury-free electronic sensor automatically shuts off the iron after 10 minutes if it is left in the upright position. The iron will also turn off after 60 seconds if it is tipped over on its side or left unmoved on the soleplate.


Powerful 360° Steam

Thanks to putting steam holes around the entire edge of the soleplate, more steam can be generated over a wider area.

Vertical Steam

The powerful shot of steam eliminates stubborn creases and wrinkles. This feature also allows you to direct a burst of steam to hanging garments.

Adjustable Steam

The adjustable steam settings allow you to select just the right amount of steam required for your ironing needs. Choose regular steam for heavier fabrics or light steam for touch-ups.

Anti-Drip System

The Anti-Drip System provides a water seal inside the iron to protect fabrics from water spotting

3-Way Cleaning System:

Anti-Calcium System

An anti-calcium system prevents clogged steam vents by reducing the sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron

Self Cleaning

When pressing the auto clean button, the water is fed into the vaporizing chamber in the tank to clean the iron.

Power Shot

A powerful shot of steam is released to take away the scale that build up around the steam holes.