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3.0 L Thermo Pot

Model: NC-HU301P
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3.0 L Thermo Pot

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  • 3.0 L
  • Healthy Tea Feature
  • 3 Keep Warm Temperature Selector
  • Energy Saving Timer
  • Vacuum Insulation Panel

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Diamond Fluorine & Binchotan-Carbon Coated Inner Pot

The "Binchotan-Carbon" on the inner surface of the pot is also coated with a layer of Diamond Fluorine which increases the emission rate of infra-red rays. These infra-red rays emitted from the "Bincho" charcoal and Diamond Fluorine makes the water molecules into smaller clusters, allowing them to penetrate into the tea leaves to extract more tea elements such as Theanine (tasty element) and Catechin (healthy element). The result is tastier & healthier tea.

High Performance Vacuum Insulation Panel

The inner pot is completely covered with a vacuum insulation panel (U-VIP). This insulation shuts out heat radiation and is constructed with high insulation glass fiber which keeps water hot. Also, with the vacuum insulation panel's high performance, the pot keeps hot water at approx. 190° F for about 3 hours after being unplugged. *Water tank is full at room temperature (70° F).

Temperature Selector

Select up to 3 keep warm temperatures or press reboil to re-start boiling.
  • Approx. 208° F
  • Approx. 190° F
  • Approx. 180° F

Secure Dispenser Lock

The dispensers lock button guards against unintended use.

Energy Saving Timer

Set the timer up to 4 / 6 / 8 / and 10 hours.

4 Speed Dispenser

Depending on the amount of time the dispenser button is pressed, the pot automatically controls the water dispensing amount at four different levels.

Cordless Electric Dispenser

The cordless dispenser allows you to dispense water even after the thermo pot has been unplugged.

Quick Disconnect Power Cord

The power cord disconnects quickly in the event it is accidentally pulled or dragged.

Easy-to-Read Water Gauge

Allows you to see how much water is remaining in the pot.

360ยบ Rotating Base

Easily rotate the unit in any direction for added convenience.

Test Kitchen Tip:

Thermo Pots save energy because they use trapped heat to brew.