5-pack of 2-3x-Speed, 120 minute DVD-RAM Discs for Video Recording

Model number: LM-AF120LU5

Panasonic Slim Case 5-pack of 2-3x-Speed, Single-sided, 120 minute (4.7GB/Non-cartridge) DVD-RAM Discs for Video Recording

Compatible Players DVD Video Recorders and DVD-RAM Drives (for computers)
Rewritable Yes (record, erase & rewrite data)
Formatted for 1 DVD Video Recorders
Double-sided No
3x Recording Speed Yes
Removable Cartridge No
Data Capacity 4.7 GB 2
High Picture Quality Recording Mode (XP) About 1 hour
Standard Recording Mode (SP) About 2 hours
Long Recording Mode (LP) About 4 hours
Extra Long Recording Mode (EP) About 6 hours
Flexible Recording Mode 3(FP) 60 to 360 minutes (4.7GB)
Case/Cartridge Type Slim jewel case
Country of Origin Made in Japan


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