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Expandable Digital Phone with Answering Machine KX-PRX120W 1 Cordless Handset

Model: KX-PRX120W
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Expandable Digital Phone with Answering Machine KX-PRX120W 1 Cordless Handset

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Videos & 360 View
  • Easily see who's calling with 3.5" LCD handset display
  • Handset includes 0.3-MP camera for photos and video chat
  • Instantly sync your Bluetooth® headset to the phone
  • Integrate home phone and smartphones on your WiFi network
  • Download and enjoy your favorite apps from Google Play

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Large, 3.5" White Backlit Touch screen Handset Display

See who's calling at a glance on our wide, 3.5-inch LCD and set screen. Featuring black against a white-backlit display, it's crystal clear and easy to read-even from a short distance away.

0.3-Megapixel Front Camera

Take pictures, video chat with your friends and family from the same device you use for phone calls.

Wi-Fi Connect Capability

Easily connect this phone to your home Wi-Fi network for seamless integration of your home phone and smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth Headset Capability

Link you Bluetooth headset device directly to the phone.

Google™ Play Support (Android OS 4.0)

Download for favorite apps from Google Play.

Key Detector Compatible

Attach the optional Key Detector to your car key ring or other easily misplaced items and forget about ever losing them ever again. Using any of your telephone handsets, you can activate the Key Detector's beeping alarm and quickly track down your lost keys. Key Detector's powerful range finds objects up to 200 yards away so you'll find whatever's lost whether it's upstairs, in your car or in the yard. You can register up to four Key Detectors and give each a distinctive name, like Dave's keys, Sharon's keys, etc.

DECT 6.0 PLUS Technology

Enhanced version of DECT 6.0 in which transmission quality and range are improved by increasing the frequency of error correction up to 80x.

Intelligent Eco Mode

This feature automatically lowers the power consumption when you're using the handset close to the base unit. Not only does it extend the available talk time, it's good for the environment. When less power is used by the handset to communicate with the base unit, battery life is prolonged which results in less frequent charging and can result in fewer batteries in landfills.

All-Digital Answering System

Messages are recorded on an advanced microchip for quiet operation and easy retrieval. The total recording time is 15 minutes for most models, but they vary up to 60 minutes of total recording time.

Call Block

Store the Caller ID info of any and all unwanted callers into your phone's Call Block list so that you can eliminate future pesky calls from them. After their information is stored, they'll get a busy signal.

Silent Mode

Allows the user to program individual handsets to ring or remain silent for specified time periods without affecting other handsets.