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Plain Paper Fax/Copier

Model: KX-FP205
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Plain Paper Fax/Copier

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Plain Paper Fax/Copier


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Perform a Range of Advanced Copier Functions

With the ability to make up to 20 multiple copies1, as well as enlarge, reduce and collate, this unit is not just a fax machine, but a true home/life office command center.

See Who's Calling at a Glance

This fax machine is Caller ID2 compatible so you can see who's calling before answering. With two lines of up to 16 characters available, you're able to see the name and number of your incoming callers. You can even display and print a list of Caller ID activity. All of this adds up to a great timesaving feature for both business and personal use.

Connect an External Answering Device for One-Phone-Line Management

Connecting an optional, external answering device lets you receive voice and fax messages on one phone line. With automatic fax/phone switching, this unit actually distinguishes between fax and voice calls, eliminating the need for an extra phone line.

Simplify Programming and Menu Operations

The navigator key lets you easily access menu operations like the phone directory and dialer, plus Caller ID2 memory. It also simplifies programming of the unit.

  1. Actual number of pages depends upon the contents of the pages and the resolution. Page count based upon ITU-T No. 1 test chart at standard resolution.
  2. Requires subscription to Caller ID, a fee-based phone company service(s).