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33.6Kbps Laser Fax Machine

Model: KX-FL421
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33.6Kbps Laser Fax Machine

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33.6Kbps Laser Fax machine


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High Speed Super G3 Fax

The high speed 33.6 kbps modem built into the Panasonic KX-FL421 is designed for super fast and efficient document transmissions (up to 4 seconds per page1). The built-in Junk Fax Prohibitor feature helps prevent unwanted faxes from being received and wasting valuable toner and paper.

Convenient Desktop Copier

The built-in ADF on the the KX-FL421, allows the machine to be used as a desktop copier. Great for home office users who need to make an occasional copy. The KX-FL421 has a rated print speed of up to 10 CPM2 (Copies Per Minute)

See Who's Calling at a Glance

The KX-FL421 fax machine is Caller ID3 compatible so you can see who's calling before answering. Utilizing the devices 2 line by 16 character LCD display, you're able to see the name and number of your incoming callers. You can even display and print a list of Caller ID activity. All of this adds up to a great time saving feature for both business and personal use.

1. Transmission speed is based on the ITU-T No. 1 Test Chart
2. Based on letter size paper.
3. Requires subscription to Caller ID, a fee-based phone company service(s).