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NEW! HDC-Z10000 149;Broadcasting Image Quality in High Definition and 3D! 149;Amazing Audio Capture Quality 149;Manual Operations for Total Control 149;Shoot Ultra Close in 3D

Model: HDC-Z10000

NEW! HDC-Z10000 149;Broadcasting Image Quality in High Definition and 3D! 149;Amazing Audio Capture Quality 149;Manual Operations for Total Control 149;Shoot Ultra Close in 3D

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NEW! HDC-Z10000 149;Broadcasting Image Quality in High Definition and 3D! 149;Amazing Audio Capture Quality 149;Manual Operations for Total Control 149;Shoot Ultra Close in 3D


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The Answer from Panasonic.
8226;A twin-lens 2D/3D handheld camcorder with the Double 3MOS System for professional-quality 2D and 3D images
8226;The industry's No. 1* level of 3D macro close-ups down to 45 cm
8226;A wide range of manual functions, such as triple manual rings, for professional use
8226;AVCHD 3D/Progressive compliant recording

Main Features
High Quality 2D/3D Picture
Filled with Original Imaging Technologies
Professional-Quality Full-HD 2D and FULL HD 3D Images

The Double 3MOS System reflects the essence of a number of unique technologies that Panasonic has accumulated. This advanced imaging system combines two large-diameter F1.5 lenses featuring a special Nano Surface Coating technology, with two independent, high-sensitivity 3MOS sensors left and right for superb color and detail reproduction, and the newly developed Crystal Engine Pro II for high-speed processing. The result: an entirely new dimension in lifelike imaging.

Superb Color Expression from High-Sensitivity Sensors 3MOS Sensor

The HDC-Z10000 employs two independent, high-sensitivity 3MOS sensors, left and right, each with a three-sensor configuration. This provides a resolution of 6.57 million effective motion image pixels (2.19 million x 3)*. With their excellent color reproduction and strong low-light shooting capability, these 3MOS sensors maximize the quality of FULL HD 3D and Full-HD progressive images.
* 6.21 megapixels when shooting in 3D.

Enhanced Resolution and Noise Reduction Effects Crystal Engine Pro II

The newly developed, ultra-high-speed Crystal Engine Pro II performs high-speed processing of the 4K2K-equivalent pixels that are obtained with pixel shift technology, superb Full-HD image quality is achieved even in detailed images. The improved processing capability also provides dramatic noise reduction effects, to achieve clear, high-quality 2D and 3D images.

Bright, High-Performance Lenses
F1.5 Lens with Nano Surface Coating

New large-diameter F1.5 lenses are mounted independently, left and right. A Nano Surface Coating is applied to the front lens surface for the first time* on a camcorder. These advanced lens systems suppress ghosts and flaring when shooting moving pictures, and let you record bright images with very little noise even in dark places.
* As of August 31, 2011.

Nano Surface Coating Technology

The newly applied Nano Surface Coating boasts an extremely low reflectance ratio compared with the conventional multi coating to minimize ghosts. By forming a nano-level, microstructure film with an ultra-low refractive index onto the lens surface, the reflection of incident light is greatly reduced over the entire visual light range. This Panasonic black box technology boosts the optical performance of the HDC-Z10000 to deliver images with stunning clarity.

Crisp, Clear Images Even for Fast-Moving Subjects
AVCHD Progressive Compliant 1080/60p Recording

1080/60p recording (Full-HD, 1,920 x 1,080, 60 progressive recording) conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording. Fast-moving subjects, such as in sports scenes, are smoothly recorded. The progressive recording of the HDC-Z10000 fully complies with the new AVCHD Progressive standard.

Interlaced Scanning (1080/60i)

Only half of the image data is reproduced in each picture. Fabric patterns run together, and moir patterns appears.

Progressive Scanning (1080/60p)

Reproduces all of image data in a single picture. Patterns in fabric are crisp and clear with no color bleeding.

High Sound Quality
High-Performance Mic Connection
Twin XLR Terminals

In addition to the electret condenser microphones that are built into the HDC-Z10000, XLR audio input terminals allow 2-channel input with 48-V phantom power supply for external microphones. This enables use of the many high-performance microphones with XLR terminal connection capability that are available for professional equipment.

* XLR microphone is optional.

Faithful Sound Recording
Linear PCM Recording
The HDC-Z10000 features 48-kHz/16-bit linear PCM recording (2 channels only) that captures original sounds faithfully and accurately. This meets the demand for high sound quality, for example, when recording live music performances and the sounds of nature.
Capturing Voices Over a Wide Area for a More Life-Like Sound
5.1-Ch Surround Sound System
The HDC-Z10000 is equipped with five electret condenser microphones. The center mic helps capture the sound source and distance accurately, so you get a more 3-dimensional effect. You get a realistic sound space that's a perfect match with the true-to-life HD images.

8226; Design, functions, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
8226; All monitor and TV pictures are simulated.
Professional Features
Expressing Images Exactly as Intended
Triple Manual Rings
Three independent manual rings allow detailed adjustment of the focus, zoom and iris. You can fine-tune each of these adjustments while viewing the results in the LCD or EVF, so you get the exact images you want quickly and easily.

Flexible Control of the 3D Effect
3D Convergence Control
The convergence angle between the two lenses is varied inside the optical unit. This moves the convergence point (the reference plane of the 3D image) in a fore-and-aft direction to control the leaping and depth effects of recorded objects, and acquires natural-looking 3D images. The convergence point is automatically adjusted, or it can be manually adjusted with the convergence dial while viewing the LCD image.

Checking 3D Images No Special Device Needed
8.8cm/3.5" 3D-Compatible LCD with 1,152,000-dot Resolution
The 1,152,000-dot 8.8-cm/3.5-inch naked-eye 3D LCD lets you check your 3D images without requiring any special eyewear. By using a parallax barrier to control the direction of the light from the LCD, images with slightly different perceptions are viewed by the right and left eyes. You can check 3D images while shooting, without having to connect a monitor. Naturally, the display can also be switched between 2D and 3D. And it enables intuitive fingertip touch-operation.

An Example of LCD Monitor Display

Bright, Easy-to-See Images
Color Viewfinder
This 1,227,000-dot 1.15-cm/0.45" LVF (Live View Finder) provides bright, high-resolution images and high-speed response. The superb rendering performance of this LVF supports your shooting by making it easy to optimize the focus.

Quick, Intuitive Operation
Independent Control Buttons/Function Memory
Functions that are frequently used for recording, such as O.I.S. ON/OFF, Color Bar ON/OFF, Zebra Pattern Display, 3D Guide Display, Auto/Manual Iris, Auto/Manual Auto Focus, and Auto/Manual White Balance are arranged on the side of the body as separate buttons to enable quick, intuitive operation. In addition, the most frequently used functions can be allocated to three User buttons on the main unit and four User buttons on the LCD for easy access. Any of the following 20 functions can be allocated to these buttons.

Choose Extended Recording Time or Backup Use
Dual SD Card Slot
With two SD cards in the Dual SD Card Slot, you can choose either relay recording or backup use.

Relay Recording

When the first card reaches full capacity, the system automatically and seamlessly switches* to the second card. This allows extended recording without having to worry about interruptions due to a lack of card memory.
* The SD card is switched only once for continuous recording.

Backup Recording

The same data is recorded onto both cards, so you doesn't have to worry about losing the data.

Various Recording Formats Supported
Multi Format Recording

Finely Controlled Image Expression
Sophisticated Image Tuning
Advanced image tuning functions, such as gamma mode, knee point, detail, detail coring, chroma levels, chroma phase, and master pedestal, can be applied to match the shooting situation. These functions provide greater expressive control.
Help for More Efficient Shooting
Custom Scene Function
Up to six sets of camera setting data can be stored within the camera, enabling you to instantly configure
settings based on the shooting conditions. For example, if you store regular HD recording settings,
cinema-like recording settings, subject recording settings, and landscape recording settings as your
customized settings, they can be instantly switched with a single touch even when the shooting situation changes.
8226; Design, functions, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
8226; All monitor and TV pictures are simulated.

Easy-to-Use Design
Easy to Carry, Easy to Use
Compact, Lightweight Body
The HDC-Z10000 delivers a level of image quality that rivals other professional integrated twin-lens 3D cameras while dramatically reducing both size and weight. It is very easy to carry around and offers superb mobility in tight, indoor locations.

Powerful Hand-Shake Correction
The new HYBRID O.I.S.+* corrects the kind of roll direction hand-shake that often occurs when shooting while zooming or walking, in addition to horizontal, vertical, yawing and pitching four-axis correction. This makes the hybrid correction function, which previously worked only for telephoto, also effective for wide-angle shooting. It records steady images over the entire zoom range.
* For 2D shooting only. POWER O.I.S. for 3D shooting.

Optimal Settings Made Automatically
iA (Intelligent Auto)
The iA function lets the HDC-Z10000 choose the optimal shooting mode automatically with the press of a button. The Intelligent Scene Selector, HYBRID O.I.S.+ (POWER O.I.S. for 3D shooting), Face Detection and Intelligent Contrast Control automatically operate as needed, so you get high-quality images while the HDC-Z10000 does all the work.

Beautiful Wide-Angle Shots, Powerful Zoom Shots
32mm Wide Angle*, 10x Optical Zoom
A wide range of shooting situations are covered by this versatile lens, from 32mm* wide-angle shooting (29.8mm* for 2D shooting) to 10x optical zooming (12x for 2D shooting, 23x for shooting with Intelligent Zoom). This greatly extends the range of uses, from shooting in tight places to situations where you and the subject are far apart.
* 35mm camera equivalent.

No More Missing Those Great Shooting Opportunities
2.0-sec Quick Power-On/0.6-sec Quick Start
Quick Power-On
Just switch the power on and the HDC-Z10000 is in standby mode in about 2.0 seconds,* ready to shoot when you are. When the LCD is closed, the power automatically switches off.
* Depending on the recording conditions, start time may be longer.

Quick Start Using Quick Start mode, you simply flip open the LCD and you're ready to shoot in only 0.6 second.*
* Depending on the recording conditions, start time may be longer.

One-Touch Shooting and Image Cut-Out
2D/3D Still Picture Recording
Simply press the shutter button to record a 2D or 3D (MPO compliant) still image* at any time. It is also possible to cut out images in all modes while shooting or playing videos. 3D and 2D still images are recorded simultaneously with 2.1-megapixel resolution.
* 3-megapixel resolution for 2D, 2.1-megapixel resolution for 3D.

Easy to Cut-Out Images and Store to a PC or SD Card
HD Writer XE 1.0
The HDC-Z10000 is bundled with HD Writer XE 1.0 software, which lets you easily cut out MVC format FULL HD 3D or 1080/60p Full-HD images, and save them onto a PC. It is also possible to write the images onto a Blu-ray Disc or SD card.*
* In order to play images recorded onto a Blu-ray Disc, a device that is compatible with the AVCHD 3D/Progressive standard is required.

8226; Design, functions, and specifications are subject to change without notice.
8226; All monitor and TV pictures are simulated.

Main Parts & Controls