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Panasonic GSM Mobile Phone

Model number: GD55

Panasonic GSM Mobile Phone, Silver

Note1: The GD55 operates in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) network. A SIM card is required in order to place and receive a call and is not included with your purchase.
Note 2: A SIM card can be purchased from a service provider that supports GSM service. Please contact your local wireless service provider prior to purchasing the GD55 to confirm that it operates on the GSM network.
Color' Silver
Adding Prefix Yes
Automatic Redial No
Backlight Yes
Built-In Camera No
Call Bar Yes
Call Timers Yes
Call Waiting 1 Yes
Caller ID 2 Yes
Charging Time Up to 2 hours
Chat SMS 3 No
Check Memory Yes
Daily Alarm Yes
Date Format Yes
Date/Time Display Yes
Delete All Yes
Display Contrast Yes
Display Size 112 X 64 pixel
DTMF Tone Length No
Earpiece Volume Yes
E-mail 4 No
Frequency 900/1800/1900 MHz
Hot Key Dialing Yes
Infrared (IrDa) No
Key Guard Yes
Language Yes
Location Map No
Low Battery Warning Yes
Melody Ring Tones 35 Melody Ringtones
Message Alert Yes
MMS 5 No
Multi-Party Calling 6 4
Mute No
Notepad Yes
One Time Alarm Yes
One Touch Speed Dialing Yes
Pause & Waits Yes
Phone Lock Yes
Phone Number Entry Yes
Phonebook Yes
Phonebook Delete Yes
Phonebook Memory Yes
Phonebook Name Match Yes
Phonebook Picture No
Phonebook Search (browse) Yes
Power-On Lock No
Quiet Mode / Normal Mode Yes
Redial Yes
Ring Alert Yes
Ring Volume Yes
Scheduler Yes
Shortcut Keys Yes
SMS 7 Yes
Speakerphone Yes
Standard Kit Contents Transceiver, Battery, AC Adapter, Strap & Operating Instructions
Standby Time 78-230 hours
T9 Text Entry Yes
Talk Time 1.6 - 7.9 hours
TTY Compatible No
Vibration Alert Yes
Voice Commands No
Voice Memo No
WAP Browser 8 Yes
Weight 2.3 ounces
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.03'' x 1.69'' x 0.67''


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