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Single Tool Wireless Tool Qualifier

Model: EYFR02B
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Single Tool Wireless Tool Qualifier

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  • Error Proof with Panasonic Wireless Tools
  • Operator Visual and Audio Feedback
  • Secure Zigbee Wireless Communication
  • Connection to PLC for Data Collection

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Panasonic Factory Assembly Tools

The Panasonic EYFR02B is a single tool controller for communicating to Panasonic’s wireless assembly tools. The simple design provides the operator a clear visual and audio feedback, informing the operator of a pass or fail fastening strategy. Connecting the I/O to line stops or a PLC enables additional error proofing capabilities; reducing defects, increasing overall productivity and product quality which leads to a money savings.

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Error Proofing / Poka-yoke

Reduce the amount of defects by incorporating the Assembly Qualifier (AQ). The AQ provides that next level of security through error proofing. Simply connect the controller to a PLC for capturing OK/NOK torque events to be sure all fasteners are installed correctly to prevent defects from moving down the assembly line.

AQ Programming Software

The simple to use AQ software allows for quick programming of the AQ because all of the settings are consolidated into one page. Therefore we’ve eliminated the need to hunt for hidden settings. Easily and quickly create, backup or restore previous controller setting within seconds of connecting to the AQ.

Secure Tool Communication

The AQ is equipped with a key lock on the side for registering a tool to the controller. The AQ uses Xbee, a form of Zigbee, to communicate wirelessly with Panasonic assembly tools providing a secure network. Due to the security and frequency that Xbee uses virtually no other wireless devices are affected by the signal.

Operator Visual Indicator

Reduce the overall assembly process time with an operator visual for OK / NOK status. The highly visible control panel can be seen over 20’ away. The adjustable audible tone registers up to 85 db to notify the operator of a pass or failed fastener. This visual and audio feedback helps the operator know whether to move on to the next fastener or stop and rework the product.