7.2V Li-ion Auto Shut-off Pistol Screwdriver 

Model number: EYFEA1N

  • 7.2V Screwdriver with 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Includes Clutch Cover
Chuck Size 1/4" Hex Quick Change
Max.Torque High:2.0N·m 17.7 in. lbs.
Low:6.0N·m 53.1 in. lbs.
Speed at No Load High:0~900rpm
Clutch Torque (Approx.) 0.3~4.0N·m 2.65 in lbs. - 35.4
(0.19N·m 1.68 in. lbs. per stage, total 21 stage)
Size(LxHxW) 145mm x 198mm x 42mm
Weight 630g (1.38 lbs.)
Battery Capacity Li-Ion 1.5Ah Rated (accord. To IEC)
Charging Time (with EY0L20 charger ) Usable charge: approx 35 minutes
Full charge: approx 60 minutes
Max. Screws Driving High mode:M4 screw Low mode:M5 screw
Screws in Sheet Metal (M2.5 x 6mm) High: Approx.1900pcs
Screws in Sheet Metal (M4x10mm) High: Approx.1850pcs
Screws in Sheet Metal (M5x8mm) Low: Approx.1450pcs
  • Auto-Power Stop function (low battery shut-down)
  • LED Light
  • Clutch and H/L switch fixing cover
  • Speed control brake
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 9.75'' x 13.5'' x 22.0''
    Weight 3.733 lbs


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