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7.2v Li-Ion Auto Shut-Off Pistol Clutch Screwdriver

Model: EYFEA1N2S
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7.2v Li-Ion Auto Shut-Off Pistol Clutch Screwdriver

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  • ¼” Quick Change Collet
  • +/-5% Torque Accuracy
  • Auto Shut-Off Clutch
  • 53 in. lbs. Maximum Torque

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Panasonic Factory Assembly Tools

The Panasonic EYFEA1N2S 7.2V 1.5Ah Li-Ion Cordless Auto Shut-off Clutch Screwdriver combines high speeds with repeatable accuracies. A 21-position clutch offers a wide torque range, two forward speeds and reverse. A built-in LED light illuminates the assembly area for better visibility.

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Operator Ergonomics

The versatility of this Panasonic pistol tool is what makes it so accepted by operators. The short length, low height and weight of this tool make it idea for tight or hard to reach work areas. The well balanced T-shaped body reduces operator fatigue.

Quality Control - Accuracy and Repeatability

Quality control has become a very important part in manufacturing which is why Panasonic only offers precision clutches in our assembly tools. The torque accuracy is +/-5% and on some applications even tighter. Additionally, the clutch tools accuracy and repeatability are increased by shutting down the motor as the precision clutch begins to disengage. The internal controller drops power to the motor significantly reducing torque reaction. Shutting power down early increases overall productivity which allows more fasteners per charge.


Even though this lightweight pistol tool is small, it can produce a maximum torque of 53 in. lbs. The 21-stage clutch adjusts torque from 2.7-35.4 in.-lbs. in approximately 1.7 in. lbs. increments. A two speed selector switch offers two no-load speeds of 0-300 rpm in low and 0-900 rpm in high.

Illuminating the Work Area

The tool features a built-in LED light which helps to illuminate the assembly area for faster, easier and more accurate assembly. The LED light promotes visibility improving screw and bit placement therefore reducing cycle time. An additional feature of the tool to conserve battery power is an auto shutoff timer for the light once the tools trigger is released for 5 minutes.

Battery Life

At only 1.39 lbs., this light weight 7.2V 1.5Ah tool can drive 1,900 M2.5 x ¼” screws into a metal sheet on one battery charge. The EY9L20B battery can be charged to a usable level in 30 minutes or fully charged in 60 minutes using the EY0L20B charger.

Included Accessories

2 Batteries, charger and clutch cover to deter operators from altering the set torque a clutch cover is included with the tool. The clutch cover prevents access to the clutch settings and speed control by eliminating the possibilities of improper torques. It provides another level of error-proofing.