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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Elbow Support EW3152W

Model: EW3152W
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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Elbow Support EW3152W

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  • Upper arm blood pressure monitor makes daily monitoring convenient and easy
  • No tubes or adjustments for accurate, hassle-free readings
  • Inflates comfortably on upper arm with the touch of a button
  • No cuff to wrap -- slide in your arm and rest on elbow support
  • Color-coded graphic display confirms readings from normal to hypertension

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No Cuff Placement or Adjustment. No Tubes. No Hassle!

Daily blood pressure monitoring is made simple with the EW3152A upper arm blood pressure monitor. There is no cuff to wrap. Just stick your arm through unit and taking your blood pressure is as simple as pressing a button. There is even an elbow support that helps assure correct and comfortable use.

Automatic Memory Feature Saves your Readings

An automatic memory feature allows you to capture 90 readings per person for two

Color Confirmation System Helps You Understand Your Readings

The monitor uses a 3-color light system to indicate if your reading falls in the Hypertension, Prehypertension or Normal Range:

Red: Hypertension (over 140)
Yellow: Prehypertension (130-139)
Green: Normal (under 129)

Red: Hypertension (over 90)
Yellow: Prehypertension (85-89)
Green: Normal (under 84)

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display panel shows both blood pressure readings and pulse rate displayed simultaneously. The easy-to-read 3/4" numbers are backlit on an orange display for easy visibility.

Batteries and AC Adapter Included!

Our blood pressure monitor comes with four AAA Alkaline batteries and a convenient AC adapter.