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Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Toothbrush

Model: EW-DL91-W
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Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Toothbrush

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Sonic Vibration Rechargeable Toothbrush


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High speed fine vibrations effectively remove plaque.

100% Washable

The toothbrush is washable and completely waterproof.

Brush Heads

Includes 3 brush heads.

1.) The triple-edged brush is for areas between teeth and gums and the surface of teeth.

2.) The silicon brush is designed for gum care. It uses gentle stimulation to massage gums while cleaning.

3.) The point brush is designed to reach plaque in small areas between teeth.

Linear Motor Drive

Approximately 28,500 brushstrokes per minute offer fast and effective plaque removal on the surface of and in between teeth.

Two Modes

A soft vibrations setting is offered for gentle brushing between teeth and gums.

Soft Start Function

Toothbrush powers on using gentle vibrations for 2 seconds, before reaching normal speed.

Brush Timer

Toothbrush temporarily pauses once every 30 seconds and twice every 2 minutes to ensure optimal cleaning. Two minutes is the total brushing time recommended by dental professionals.


The charger has an illuminated display which indicated battery life. It also acts as a holder for storage of additional brush heads.

Travel Case

For travel use and storage