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Nail Gel Polish Removal Kit ES-WC30VP

Model: ES-WC30VP
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Nail Gel Polish Removal Kit ES-WC30VP

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  • Easily remove gel polish at home with battery-operated nail gel removal tool
  • Buffer attachment quickly removes first gel layer
  • Remover attachment pushes gel layer off and can be used to push back cuticles
  • File attachment files and shapes nails

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Easy At-Home Nail Gel Removal Kit


  • Nail File
  • Gel Nail Polish Remover & Cuticle Care
  • Nail Buffer

Remove nail gel polish easily and quickly:


  • Use the buffer tool to scrap away any decoration and remove the first layer of gel

  • Soak a cotton ball in acetone and place on nail to loosen gel

  • Wrap nail in aluminum foil.

Prepare nails for the next manicure:

  • File and shape each nail with the nail attachment.  The 45-degree angle prevents the nails from splitting.

  • Use the cuticle care attachment to push cuticles back to base.

2-year Limited Warranty

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