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Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver

Model: ES-LT33-S
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Arc3 Wet/Dry Shaver

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  • 3-Blade Cutting System
  • Wet/Dry Cordless Operation
  • Flexible Pivoting Head
  • Multi-fit Arc Foil

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Enjoy the convenience of dry operation of use with foam or gel for a pampering, silky-smooth shave.

100% Washable Wet/Dry

Rinses clean under running water

3-Blade Cutting System

For a fast, smooth and close shave

30-Degree Nanotech™ Blades

30-degree inner blades featuring nanotechnology cut the hair at its base for a close shave.

Flexible Pivoting Head

Adapts to the contours of your face

Fast, Linear Motor

A raipid-fire 13,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive delivers a smooth, clean shave.

Multi-fit Arc Foil

Follows the contours of your face for efficient coverage and maximum comfort

Pop-up Trimmer

A fine 45-degree angled blade is effective for grooming sideburns and moustaches.

Indicator Display

A 5-stage LED meter displays battery capacity and charge indicator

Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode

While rinsing the shaver under running water, sonic vibrations help remove clinging hair debris, leaving the blades fresh and renewed.

1-hour Full Charge

Lithium Ion Battery

Universal Voltage

Travel Lock Switch

Travel Case

2-year Limited Warranty