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Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair EP-MA70KX Black

Model: EP-MA70KX
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Real Pro ULTRA 3D Massage Chair EP-MA70KX Black

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  • Enjoy a 3D massage with relaxing, multi-directional rollers
  • Soothing, double-heated rollers simulate hot-stone therapy
  • Six pre-set programs offer deep, Shiatsu, hip and other massages
  • Choose from eight massage chair manual programs to match your day and mood

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Heated Massage Heads

Realistic massage therapist techniques combined with the healing relaxing of heat. Its like warm hands of a professional masseuse that loosen tense, sore muscles, relieving tension and stimulating increased blood flood.

Hand & Arm Massage

Gently kneads from above and below relaxing the hand and arm and relieving tension.

Moving Armrest

Adjusts automatically to massage both arm and hand - even when lying down.

Hip & Thigh Massage

Airbags around the waist and thighs relax the trunk and lower back.

Foot Massage

3D air cushions surrounding the feet gently squeeze for a realistic foot massage experience.

Shoulder Massage

Gently stimulates your lymphatic system to help cleanse the body.

Massage for the Shoulders

Airbags hold the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from the shoulders to the chest.

Buttocks, Pelvis & Thigh Stretching

3 airbags under the seat and thighs relax you by gently stretching

Massage for the Pelvis

Airbags on both sides hold the pelvic area in place as the massage heads knead the lower back.

Calf Massage

Airbags gently knead both sides of the calves, loosening and increasing circulation.

Massage for the Legs

Airbags inflate to hold the sides of the thighs, calves and soles of the feet. The leg rest rises to stretch the leg muscles while the back is gently kneaded.