DVD-LS86 Portable DVD Player

Model number: DVD-LS86

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Portable DVD Player with 8.5" Diagonal Widescreen LCD, Multi-Format Playback, Free-Style Viewing, 13-Hour Rechargeable Battery and Included Car DC Adapter

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  • LM-AF120LU10
  • LM-HB94LU
  • LM-HB47LU
  • LM-AE240LU3

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Premium Video Cables

  • RP-CDHG15-H
  • RP-CDHG30-H
  • RP-CDHG50-H

Premium Video Cables

  • RP-CDHG100
  • RP-CDHG80
  • RP-CDHG15

Replacement Accessories

  • Price: $7.47
  • K2KA6CB00003
  • RFEA217P
  • RFEC203M-Y
  • RFEA218C-AA

Alkaline Plus

  • AM-3PA/4B-D

Replacement Accessories

  • K2KC4CB00026


  • LM-RF120MU20
  • LM-RS47MWE25
  • LM-RF120MU10
  • LM-RS47MWE50

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