DMR-EZ48VK DVD Recorder with Upconversion

Model number: DMR-EZ48VK

  • Upconvert DVD Recorder with VHS VCR, Digital Tuner
  • 1080p Up-Conversion, HDMI Simple Connection
  • VIERALink™, SD Memory Card Slot, USB Terminal
  • Super Multi-Format Recording & Playback
Multi-Format Playback (Playable Disc Type) DVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-R(DL), +R/+R(DL)/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW
DVD Playback Capability DVD-Video
DVD-RAM Video Playback Capability DVD-VR, JPEG (HD)
DVD-RW, DVD-R Playback 1 Capability DVD-Video, DVD-VR(DVD-RW only), JPEG (HD)(DVD-R only), MP3 2(DVD-R only), DivX®(DVD-R only)
DVD-R (DL) Playback Capability DVD-Video, DivX®
+R/ +R (DL), +RW Playback Capability Video
CD, CD-R/RW Playback 3 Capability CD-DA, MP3 4, JPEG (HD), DivX®
MP3 Playback 5 Capability Yes
Recordable Disc Type DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-R (DL), DVD-RW, +R, +R(DL), +RW
DVD-RAM Ver 2.0 (2x speed), Ver 2.1 (2-3x speed), Ver 2.2 (2-5x speed)
DVD-R Ver 2.0 (1x speed, 1-4x speed, 1-8x speed), Ver 2.1 (1-16x speed)
DVD-R (DL) Ver 3.0 (2-4x speed, 2-8x speed)
DVD-RW Ver 1.1 (1x speed, 1-2x speed), Ver 1.2 (2-4x speed, 2-8x speed)
+R Ver 1.0 (2.4x speed), Ver 1.1 (2.4-4x speed), Ver 1.2 (2.4-8x speed), Ver 1.3 (2.4-16x speed)
+R (DL) Ver 1.0 (2.4x speed), Ver 1.1 (2.4-8x speed)
+RW Ver 1.1 (2.4x speed), Ver 1.2 (2.4-4x speed)
Recording Format DVD Video Recording Format
DVD-Video Format
Dolby Digital® (Dolby AC-3) 2ch Audio Recording Yes
Analog Audio (2 Ch) Input: LINE (pin jack) x 2
Video In LINE (pin jack) x 2
DV Input Terminal Yes
S-Video In S Connector x 2
Built-in SD Card Slot Yes, with Transfers to DVD-RAM and from DVD-RAM
2ch Audio Out LINE (pin jack) x 2 (one is DVD priority)
Component Video Out (Y, PB, PR) 1080i/720p/480p/480i (DVD Priority)
S-Video Outputs S Connector x 1(DVD priority)
Digital Audio Out Optical (Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM)
Video Out LINE (pin jack) x 2 (one is DVD priority)
HDMI Output: 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p Yes, DVD Priority
Image File Compatible Media SD Memory Card includes miniSD™ Cards (A miniSD Adaptor needs to be inserted.)
Image File Format FAT12, FAT16 (SD Memory Card) FAT32 (SDHC Memory Card)
SD Image File Format JPEG conforming DCF (Design rule for Camera File System)
Image File Number of Pixels 34 x 34 to 6,144 x 4096 (Sub sampling: 4:2:2 or 4:2:0)
USB (standard, format, playback, transfers) USB 2.0 Full Speed, Format: FAT 16, FAT 32
Playback on USB Memory: JPEG, MP3 6, DivX®
JPEG Transfers to DVD-RAM & from DVD
JPEG Format: Sub sampling 4:2:2, 4:2:0
Compatible Pixels: between 34 x 34 and 6144 x 4096 pixels
JPEG Items Max. # of Folders: 300 recognizable folders per disc on this unit (including the root folder)
Max. # of JPEG files: 3000 recognizable JPEG files per disc on this unit
MP3 Compatible compression rate: 32kbps-320kbps
Compatible sampling rate: 16kHz, 22.05kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
MP3 Items Max. # of Folders: 99 recognizable folders per disc on this unit (including the root folder)
Max. # of Files: 999 recognizable files per disc on this unit
DivX® Items Max. # of folders: 300 recognizable folders per disc on this unit (including the root folder)
Max. # of DivX files: 200 recognizable DivX® files per disc on this unit
Power Source AC 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption Approx: 40W
Quick Start On: Approx. 17.6W
Shipping Condition: Approx. 3.5W
Model Color Black
Recording Time 4.7GB (Approximate) XP Mode 1 hour, SP Mode 2 hours, LP Mode 4 hours, EP Mode 6/8 hours
Recording Time 8.5GB DVD-R DL/+R DL Disc (Approximate) XP Mode 1 hour & 45 minutes, SP Mode 3 hours & 35 minutes, LP Mode 7 hours & 10 minutes, EP Mode 10 hours & 45 minutes/14 hours & 20 minutes
TV Channel Analog/Digital Analog/Digital 2-69ch
CATV Channel Analog/Digital Analog/Digital 1-135ch
TV System NTSC color signal, 525 lines, 60 fields
Recording System MPEG2 (Hybrid VBR)
VHS Playable Format Hi-Fi, SQPB
VHS Operations Repeat Play, x500 REW
VHS Copying Way One-touch 2-way copying
Operating Temperature 41-104°degrees
Operating Humidity Range 35-80% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 3-5/16'' x 16-15/16'' x 13-5/8''
Weight 11.90 lbs


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