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LUMIX® ZS8 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Model: DMC-ZS8K

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LUMIX® ZS8 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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  • 16x Optical Zoom LEICA DC Lens with 24mm Ultra Wide Angle
  • Power O.I.S.

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Welcome to the Panasonic Store Locator
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The stores below carry the product you are looking for. Visit the location to see first hand how Panasonic is engineering a better world for you. In-store product availability may vary, we recommend checking availability with the store location.

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If you have been waiting for a compact camera that combines the convenience of a point-and-shoot with the power of a top quality lens system, you need wait no longer.  The newly redesigned Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS8 features a LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens system with a versatile 24mm ultra wide-angle and 16x optical zoom.  With a dozen elements in 10 groups, including an ED lens and three aspherical lenses with six aspherical surfaces, the DMC-ZS8 effectively suppresses the chromatic abnormalities that can occur in telephoto photography.  The ZS8 also includes a totally new lens barrel mechanism that allows for a short total lens length despite the longer zoom range. 

Read on to learn more about how the LUMIX DMC-ZS8 gives you the power to take photos like the pros.


24mm Ultra Wide-angle 16x Optical Zoom Leica DC Lens: 
The hallmark of the LUMIX ZS series is its compact yet versatile lens system.  Both the optical and mechanical lens design has been completely redeveloped for the ZS8.  Equipped with a brand new high-quality Leica DC VARIO-ELMAR lens system and a more versatile 24mm ultra wide-angle, the ZS8 records professional-grade photos via a powerful 16x optical zoom.

The advanced lens unit also has a redesigned lens barrel that includes a newly developed structural mechanism that shortens the overall lens unit length without sacrificing a longer zoom range.  The lens system is compatible with a surprisingly high shutter speed of min.1/4,000 sec.

Nano Surface Coating: 
The new Nano Surface Coating provides a low reflectance ratio compared to conventional multi-coating that is typically used to suppress ghosting.  Panasonic has applied black box technology to the ZS8 (the first time ever on a LUMIX) delivering images with impressive optical performance and exceptional clarity that surpass even Leica’s rigorous standards.

Powerful 16x Optical Zoom: 
Despite its compact size, the ZS8 has an impressive 16x optical zoom that provides stunning detail even when shooting from great distances.  The zoom is also enabled during motion picture recording and is designed for optimum noise suppression when zooming.

24mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens: 
A fully functional 24mm ultra wide-angle lens is not commonly found on compact cameras.  Its inclusion on the ZS8 gives a broader range of shot composition possibilities with minimal distortion at the wide end, and approximately 213% more viewing space than a standard 35mm camera.

20x Intelligent Zoom / 33.8x Extra Optical Zoom: 
Panasonic’s Intelligent Resolution technology supports the Intelligent Zoom feature, which extends the ZS8’s zoom ration by 1.3x while maintaining picture quality.  This gives the ZS8 a virtual optical capability equivalent to 20x.  The added Extra Optical Zoom function extends zoom power even further to 33.8x by engaging the center part of the CCD to bring distant subjects still closer.

14.1-megapixel High-resolution CCD: 
The DMC-ZS8 is equipped with a 1/2.33-inch CCD with 14.1-megapixel resolution.  Images are clear and sharp even when enlarged to A2 size, a photo large enough to show an entire newborn baby or the head and chest of an adult at life size.  Ordinary photos are reproduced beautifully at 3-megapixel.

Venus Engine:venus 
The high-performance, high-speed Venus Engine enables image recording with improved signal processing, drawing on the ZS8’s Intelligent Resolution technology.  The Venus also includes an advanced noise reduction system that processes luminance noise and chromatic noise independently.  As a result, the ZS8 produces beautiful images with minimal noise at full resolution, all the way up to ISO1600 sensitivity, perfect for nighttime shots or dimly lit indoor scenes.

Intelligent Resolution: 
Intelligent Resolution technology automatically identifies three distinct areas in every shot: outlines, detailed textures and soft gradation areas.  Optimal signal processing is applied to each area, providing uniform sharpness pixel by pixel in the most precise and effective way possible.  Images are always naturally crisp and clear, no matter how varied the composition.


iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode:venus
Whether you’re new to photography or simply want to catch a sudden photo opportunity before it’s gone, Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto Mode makes it possible to get the perfect shot every time.  Just set the ZS8 to iA Mode, point and shoot; the camera does all the preparatory work for you.  You never have to worry about adjusting settings to get the best results or fumbling with your camera as a great shot passes you by.  The ZS8 is equipped with seven different detection and image correction functions that are activated simultaneously in iA Mode so every image is optimized automatically, and you are left with impressive, effortless photos every single time.  And because Intelligent Resolution is always activated in iA Mode, your images will be clear with an extended zoom range equal to 20x, thanks to Intelligent Zoom technology.

POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer):  c
You know that awful feeling when you think you’ve captured the perfect shot only to find that your hand movement on the shutter or the low lighting level has caused the picture to come out blurry or fuzzy?  The ZS8 eliminates it with POWER Optical Image Stabilizer technology.  With more than double the shake detection sensitivity of MEGA O.I.S., you’ll always get bright, crisp photos without a trace of blur even at slow shutter speeds and handheld shooting.

Face Detection AF/AE with Face Recognition: 
Face recognition technology doesn’t always work the way you want, often focusing on the wrong face when shooting with several people in a single frame.  The ZS8 has one of the most intuitive face detection features of any compact digital camera.  Panasonic’s Face Recognition allows you to prioritize focus and exposure on the face of only the subject you want.  Take great photos of your child in the crowd of faces on the stage during a school play or dance recital, capture that special bride as she comes down the aisle, or set the recognition function so you always get fantastic pictures of the new baby no matter who’s holding him.  Digital Red-eye Correction automatically removes red-eye in Face Detection mode, so portraits are always beautifully reproduced.  In playback, you can even choose to display only the pictures that contain the face of a specific person.

Intelligent Scene Selector Scene Detection: 
Automatic scene detection is always engaged in iA Mode, and settings are optimized for a variety of shooting situations, including; Scenery, Portrait, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Sunset and Macro.  You’ll be able to take all kinds of photos, from morning to night, without ever having to manually adjust settings or guess about which mode might be best.  There’s even a color optimizing mode called, Happy Mode, that automatically adjusts color, brightness and saturation to make colorful images more vivid and true to life.  Use Happy Mode in conjunction with the Intelligent Scene Selector at parties, on vacation or when shooting in nature to capture every bright, vibrant color.

AF Tracking – Subject Detection:  venus
Action shots and moving subjects are no longer a problem with the LUMIX DMC-ZS8.  AF Tracking automatically detects and stays with your subject until you click the shutter; you won’t have to push the shutter halfway down to repeatedly refocus the shot when you’re trying to shoot active subjects like kids or pets.  You will be able to capture all those candid shots and once-in-a-lifetime moments that memories are made of.

Quick AF: 
Most compact digital cameras have auto focus that is only activated when the shutter button is pushed down halfway.  This can make it difficult to take quick shots when sudden opportunities arise.  The ZS8 has Quick AF, an auto focus feature that engages as soon as you point your camera at your desired subject.  Shutter delay time is significantly reduced, and you’ll be able to take tons of super-fast pictures of active subjects without blurring or ghosting.  Whether it’s your kids running around in the yard, your dog frolicking on the beach or your parents dancing the night away at a family wedding, simply point your lens and wait for those great shots to come; you’ll capture each one beautifully.

Intelligent ISO Control Motion Detection: 
When you’re trying to photograph a moving subject, getting the focus just right can be nearly impossible.  Intelligent ISO Control detects movement and automatically adjusts the shutter speed and ISO settings to ensure a great picture.  When subject motion is detected, the camera responds by raising the ISO setting and increasing the shutter speed to eliminate blurring.  When subjects are still, the camera lowers the ISO to take stunning still pictures.  Forget trying to arrange another one of those chaotic family portraits; just set the Intelligent ISO, point and shoot to get perfect photos of all of your most important events as they unfold, without the hassle of manual settings.

Intelligent Exposure – Light Detection: 
Unless you are a professional photographer or a lighting expert, chances are you struggle to light your photos properly from time to time.  Backlighting that interferes with the picture, bright sunlight that forces your subjects to squint against the glare, lights that are too dim - sometimes you’re so focused on getting the shot that you forget to take ambient lighting into consideration.  The Intelligent Exposure feature on the ZS8 automatically adjusts ISO sensitivity, aperture and shutter speed to compensate for any under-exposed or darkened areas in your pictures.  Your photos benefit from improve light/dark balance without sacrificing image quality.

Auto Backlight Compensation: 
Strong backlighting in a photo illuminates the background, but leaves subjects in the dark.  The ZS8’s Auto Backlight Compensation function detects backlighting and compensates for it; your pictures will appear more balanced and subjects will be brighter even when they’re backlit.

MEGA Burst Consecutive Shooting in Full Resolution: 
Snap off quick, consecutive shots with the ZS8 at approximately 1.9 frames per second at full resolution.  Take a series of shots of that winning goal, record fishing catch or moving ballet solo, and then keep the ones you like best.  The rest can be deleted right from the camera, making room for the next series of pictures.

HD Movie Recording / Zoom in Motion Picture: 
Record videos in 1280x720 HD, even in low lighting.  The 16x optical zoom also works with movie recording, so that you can capture great videos of everything from kids’ sports and school activities to wildlife in nature.

Built-in 70MB Memory: 
Forgot to put your memory card back after downloading your latest photos to your computer?  No problem!  The DMC-ZS8 has a built-in hard drive that can store up to 70MB of data, which you can later copy to your computer or SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card.  You can also transfer memory card data or photos you have stored on your computer back to the camera’s hard drive.  This is an invaluable feature, especially if you’re an avid vacation picture-taker or tend to fall behind on getting photos off your camera.  The integrated memory is a great back-up when your memory card is full and makes it possible to view your favorite photos right from your camera at anytime.

Long Battery Life: 
There are few things worse than realizing your camera’s battery is dead right as you’re about to snap a fantastic shot.  With its energy-saving Venus Engine, efficient lithium-ion battery and the ability to take approximately 340 pictures on a single battery charge, the DMC-ZS8 gives you more shooting time with less worry about a flat battery.

Battery Security Check: 
Using a battery that isn’t compatible with your digital camera can cause it to malfunction or worse.  The DMC-ZS8 has a function that checks if a non-Panasonic battery can be used safely with the camera, giving you more freedom to purchase a backup battery to use in case of emergency.  Remember; always check a battery’s compatibility before attempting to use it.



The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS8 offers the sophistication of a DSLR camera with the compact size and convenience of a point-and-shoot unit.  With a powerful zoom, ultra wide-angle lens, high-quality image processor and all the advanced technology you’ve come to expect from Panasonic along with plenty of exciting new extras like POWER O.I.S., Intelligent Auto Mode and Intelligent ISO Control to help you get the most out of each and every photo, the LUMIX DMC-ZS8 makes taking great pictures straightforward and fun again.