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LUMIX® ZS10 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Model: DMC-ZS10S
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LUMIX® ZS10 14.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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Videos & 360 View
  • 16x Optical Zoom LEICA DC Lens with 24mm Ultra Wide Angle: Precision quality optics--extremely bright with a powerful, versatile range
  • Full HD Movie Recording: Create beautifully detailed, crisp and vivid movies with 1080 i resolution
  • GPS Function Tags your photos and videos with place name and cooridinate details for tracking and recalling location of images

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The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS10 is a strong addition to the LUMIX ZS Series of cameras, which have won praise for their versatile, powerful lenses that offer a wide range of shooting options. 

The LUMIX ZS10 continues this tradition with a 24mm ultra wide-angle Leica DC VARIO-ELMAR lens with impressive 16x optical zoom and full HD 1920 x 1080 video recording capability.  The ZS10 features a newly incorporated 3.0-inch Smart Touch Intelligent LCD screen with 460,000-dot resolution and intuitive touch controls that let you shoot, zoom, focus and more without ever taking your eyes off the frame.  There’s even a built-in GPS system that lets you geo-tag images and easily share them with friends and family.


24mm Ultra Wide-angle 16x Optical Zoom Leica DC Lens: 
The ZS10 has been redesigned to incorporate a 24mm ultra wide-angle Leica DC lens and Panasonic’s black box technology to deliver exceptional performance with clarity that holds up to Leica’s rigid standards.

The 24mm ultra wide-angle lens is not commonly seen on compact cameras like the ZS10, and its inclusion allows for a wider range of shooting possibilities and approximately 213% more viewing space than would a traditional 35mm camera.

With a powerful 16x optical zoom lens, the ZS10 produces highly natural expression of human and animal subjects from a distance.  The zoom can also be used in video recording and effectively suppresses noise while zooming.  Thanks to Panasonic’s Intelligent Resolution technology, zoom can be extended even further to 21x, and when the Extra Optical Zoom is engaged zoom power goes to an impressive 33.8x.

Despite so much muscle in the lens, the ZS10 maintains a slim, compact profile that’s easily portable for travel and everyday shooting.

3.0-inch LCD with 460,000 High-resolution LCD: 
The generous 3.0-inch LCD has 460,000-dot resolution and automatically adjusts brightness in 11 levels for optimal display in any shooting condition.  The screen is covered with the exclusive anti-reflective coating that cuts glare and provides crisp, clear images for the highest possible visibility, even in bright outdoor light.  The responsive display is further enhanced by Panasonic’s touch control technology.

Nano Surface Coating: 
The new Nano Surface Coating significantly reduces reflectance compared with more conventional multi-coating processes used to suppress ghosting.  This special coating makes the ZS10 lens more resistant to glare and helps produce images that possess stunning optical quality and are incredibly clear.

14.1-megapixel MOS Sensor: 
The 14.1-megapixel MOS sensor is newly integrated into the ZS10, promoting higher speed signal output and higher sensitivity when recording images.  The redesigned MOS enables many of the ZS10’s advanced features including the camera’s full HD 60i (NTSC) live video capture.  The image processing sensor incorporates micro fabrication technology, which prevents color mixing and loss of signal for photos and movies with superior clarity at any sensitivity.  The semiconductor production process has also been revamped to allow for dramatic noise suppression.

Sonic Speed AF: 
Capturing moving subjects has never been easier thanks to the ZS10’s Sonic Speed Auto Focus system, which includes several re-engineered improvements such as a higher speed actuator, optimized algorithms and simultaneous software processing.  The ZS10 delivers fast, accurate AF performance and focusing that is about 49% faster than its predecessor.  Shooting moving subjects such as athletes, dancers or active children is fast, simple and responsive, providing optimal results every time.


Intelligent Auto (iA) Mode: 
Panasonic’s innovative Intelligent Auto (iA) Mode is the popular automated function that lets the camera do all the work: you just point and shoot.  Several detection and correction features are engaged, optimizing everything from focus and exposure to motion blur and shot resolution.  You get maximum picture quality with minimum effort, so even if you’ve never used a digital point-and-shoot before, your images will always turn out beautifully.

You see a great photo opportunity and you take it.  You quickly switch to playback mode to review this awesome picture you’ve just captured, only to find a shot that’s blurry and impossible to make out.  We’ve all been there.  When the shutter is pressed, the movement of your hand can cause vibrations in the camera that make your photos blurred; insufficient lighting can also sometimes lead to blurring.  The ZS10 is equipped with POWER Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.), which combats the vibrations caused by hand-shake or nighttime shooting at slow shutter speeds.  You get almost twice the image stabilization power of conventional MEGA O.I.S. so your photos are always crisp and clear, even in dim lighting conditions.

Motion Deblur Mode: 
Motion Deblur gives you even more power to control the effects of hand-shake and low shutter speed, especially when shooting subjects in motion.  You’ll never lose another precious moment or beautiful portrait to blurring thanks to this feature’s seamless integration with Intelligent ISO Control and Intelligent Exposure.  ISO settings and shutter speed are automatically adjusted according to lighting conditions and subject movement, and exposure is optimized so that images never appear washed out or too dark.  Motion blur is suppressed and high sensitivity image recording is activated to improve photo quality in virtually any situation.  With so many functions engaged at once, there’s no need to worry about making adjustments to complex manual controls unless you wish to do so.

Intelligent ISO: 
Shooting moving subjects effectively can be nearly impossible, but with the ZS10’s Intelligent ISO Control function motion is detected and automatically compensated for.  ISO settings and shutter speed are modified to best fit the movement and lighting conditions.  These are raised when motion is detected or lowered when subjects are still.  You now have the freedom to take incredible action shots at sporting events, parades, live performances or just playing around with your friends and family during a party or a night out.  Photos always look natural and clear, free from the annoying blur or uneven exposure that can ruin a picture.

Intelligent Exposure: 
With Intelligent Exposure, the ZS10 is able to instantly analyze the image in the frame and adjust brightness to maximize proper exposure.  Dim lighting, backlighting or use of the flash won’t have a negative impact on your images, and photos are reproduced with lifelike color and brightness; no professional lighting experience is required.

Face Detection with Face Recognition: 
If you love taking portraits, you’ll love Face Detection with Face Recognition on the ZS10.  Conventional face detection systems can capture faces with decent focus and brightness, but they don’t always process faces effectively in a crowded frame.  Panasonic’s Face Detection can identify up to 15 faces in a single shot, so even large group pictures are optimized for the most natural results.  Face Recognition lets you register the faces of your favorite subjects; anytime you shoot these registered faces the ZS10 not only prioritizes settings for impressive results, but also displays the person’s name and information, making photo organization a snap.  There’s even a built-in red-eye correction function that fixes the problem immediately, ensuring attractive facial expression in any subject.

Intelligent Scene Selector: 
When the ZS10 is set to iA Mode, the Intelligent Scene Selector intuitively sets the proper scene mode using various detection functions like ambient lighting and focus distance.  You don’t have to worry about changing camera settings as you move through a day of shooting or as light conditions or your location changes.  This makes the ZS10 ideal for travel or major events like weddings or graduations, and where you are likely to shoot in many different environments or over the course of an entire day when lighting conditions will change frequently.  Intelligent Scene Selector chooses the best possible setting: Scenery, Night Scenery, Portrait, Night Portrait, Sunset and Macro so you always get perfect results no matter where you are.

Touch Control: 
The LUMIX ZS10 boasts an intuitive touch screen control that lets you manipulate a host of automated and manual settings quickly and easily.  You can switch between functions, make manual corrections to images, and engage playback and more, with just a light tap on the responsive LCD screen.

Touch Control Shooting: 
Set up a fantastic shot and capture it effortlessly with touch control shooting.  Simply touch the image of your desired subject on the screen to engage auto focus and shoot.  There’s not an easier way to take well-composed, beautifully detailed images on the spur of the moment.

Touch Control Auto Focus: 
Engage auto focus in seconds just by touching the subject on the ZS10’s LCD display.  Touch control AF makes it easy to single out a subject in a crowded frame, perfect for travel photos or shots of a specific person within a larger group.

Touch Control AF Tracking: 
Shoot moving subjects without the hassle of readjusting focus constantly with touch control auto focus tracking.  Touch the screen to activate it, and the ZS10 will lock on your subject and maintain optimum focus until you’re ready to take the picture.

3D Photo Mode: 
Create breathtaking 3D images with the ZS10’s new 3D Photo Mode.  The camera uses LUMIX’s innovative 3D recording capabilities to record beautiful left and right side images that are free from distortion or visible image links.  You can take a variety of shots and the camera will choose the two best to combine into a 3D composite image.  You can then playback your three-dimensional pictures on any Panasonic VIERA 3D-ready HDTV or MPO-compatible device; you can even print 3D pictures.

Easy Manual Operation: 
If you prefer the control of manual settings, the ZS10 gives you the flexibility to adjust aperture and shutter speed to enhance the artistic appeal of any photo.  Even novice photographers can experiment with manual controls thanks to the ZS10’s helpful, easy to read adjustment guides.  Manual Exposure, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority are all included in the Easy Manual Operation function.

Manual Exposure: 
Manual Exposure lets you adjust brightness levels in any image.  The Manual Exposure Assist function shows you how your chosen setting differs from what the camera considers optimal.  This can help with your experiments with manual settings without fear of completely ruining your images.

Aperture Priority: 
This feature allows selection of the lens aperture as thought appropriate for the shot.  Aperture Priority makes it possible to adjust the camera to record maximum depth of field in an image.  This can be particularly useful when shooting landscapes.  For example you might want an object that is close to the camera and some distant hills to both be in focus.

Shutter Priority: 
Adjust the shutter speed from 60 to 1/4000th of a second, delivering interesting effects that can generate a controlled motion blur to exaggerate subject movement, or a freeze effect to capture precise moments in an action shot.

1920 x 1080 60i (NTSC) Full HD Video: 
You can forget about carrying around a separate digital camera and camcorder thanks to the ZS10’s powerful 1920 x 1080 HD movie recording capability.  You will be able to record impressive live action video in AVCHD format, which delivers almost twice the recording time of traditional Motion JPEG.  You also get Intelligent Resolution technology with video recording so your images benefit from pixel-by-pixel signal processing for natural clarity and detail in both still photos and movies.

Built-in GPS (Global Positioning System): 
The LUMIX DMC-ZS10 loves to travel as much as you do.  The integrated GPS function records various bits of data about your shooting location including the date of the shot, local time and the pinpoint map location.  You can review images with specific GPS tags using the bundled PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.1 HD Lite Edition software, or sort photos based on GPS information for quick and easy organization of all your favorite vacation memories.


The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS10 is much more than a compact entry-level point-and-shoot.  While you certainly get all the basic features and usability functions that make taking great photos a breeze, you also get the advanced technology and superior image quality that the LUMIX line is known for.  Whether you’re looking to start out in digital photography, want to upgrade your current compact point-and-shoot or just want a stylish, portable camera for everyday photos and high quality video, the LUMIX DMC-ZS10 is an excellent choice.  With an attractive price tag and your choice of six different designer body colors: black, silver, champagne gold, blue, red and chocolate brown, what’s not to love?