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LUMIX® LX5 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Model: DMC-LX5K
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LUMIX® LX5 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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  • F2.0 Leica DC Summicron Lens
  • 1/1.63" High Sensitivity 10 megapixel CCD with evolved sensor technology
  • HD Movie Recording - AVCHD Lite

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Would you like to take better photographs than you ever have before - images that you will be proud to share with family and friends? To record important moments in your life with high quality photos is now possible with the Lumix DMC-LX5. You will find that there is plenty to love about this camera, whether you're new to the Panasonic LUMIX line or are looking to upgrade from an older LUMIX model.

The highly anticipated Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX5 is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor, the DMC-LX3. This new model has a fully redesigned lens, CCD and image processing engine. Following in the LUMIX tradition, the LX5 delivers amazing picture quality, advanced technology, greater creative control over photos and video, and ease of use in a stylish, compact package.

With a reworked, super bright F2.0 ultra wide-angle 24mm LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens, the LX5 delivers incredible, true-to-life images with minimal distortion, excellent resolution and stunning detail. The 24mm wide angle provides an exceptionally large viewing space for a compact camera, and with an optical zoom that extends to 3.8x, the DMC-LX5 is even more versatile.


Venus Engine:

The Venus Engine image processor is newly developed for the DMC-LX5 and has been equipped with even greater speed and performance. Recording gorgeous photos and HD videos with impressive signal processing quality has never been easier. The triple CPUs in the Venus significantly improve the image processing speed while delivering exceptional noise reduction.

The Venus Engine also supports image and sound output via HDMI and is highly energy efficient, which allows for longer AVCHD Lite movie recording.

Super Bright f/2.0 Leica DC Vario-Summicron Lens:

The LX5's new f/2.0 24mm ultra wide-angle Leica DC Vario-Summicron lens provides even higher resolution than in previous versions. This super bright lens has been redesigned to support an extended optical zoom, from 2.5x on the LX3 to 3.8x on the LX5, lending even more versatility to long-range shots. The brighter f/2.0 lens has a higher shutter speed, which creates incredibly sharp, blur-free images, even in low light conditions.

The LEICA lens has 10 elements in nine different groups and three aspherical lenses with five aspherical surfaces. The result is minimal distortion, ultra-high resolution, and fewer instances of chromatic abnormalities, ghosting and flaring. Images are reproduced in beautiful detail and are of the highest quality.

24mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens:

A 24mm ultra wide-angle lens is rare on a compact digital camera, but the LX5 has one. This provides a much wider range of shooting possibilities. Because the Leica DC Vario-Summicron lens minimizes distortion at the wide end, images always have exceptional true-to-life detail with outstanding resolution. The viewing space is approximately 213% larger than that of a traditional 35mm camera and approximately 136% larger than that of a 28mm wide-angle lens.

1/1.63-inch 10.1-megapixel High Sensitivity CCD:

The DMC-LX3, predecessor to the LX5, adopted a 1/1.63-inch CCD with 10.1-megapixel recording; this provided unprecedented image quality for a compact camera, which necessitated the establishment of a new premium compact category in the digital camera market. For the DMC-LX5, Panasonic has redesigned the 1/1.63-inch 10.1-megapixel CCD to achieve even greater expansion of dynamic range, increasing sensitivity by more than 31% and saturation by approximately 38%.

The new CCD offers high resolution images with virtually no noise (even in high sensitivity recording) and thanks to the increased dynamic range, beautifully reproduced gradation in high contrast shooting situations. Combined with the brightness of the lens, minimum illumination of the LX5 can go as low as 3 lux when recording video, with a maximum ISO setting of 12800, which makes it easy to shoot great pictures in very low light.

Intelligent Resolution Technology:

The Venus Engine incorporates Intelligent Resolution advanced image processing technology, which automatically defines outlines, detailed textures and soft gradation in every shot. Signal processes are optimized individually across each area; this gives each picture uniform sharpness enhancement and more effective pixel by pixel signal processing. The resulting images appear naturally crisp and detailed, in both still and video recording.

5.0x Intelligent Zoom / 6.7x Extra Optical Zoom:

Intelligent Zoom is now available on the LX5 thanks to the newly incorporated Intelligent Resolution technology. Intelligent Zoom extends the zoom ratio by about 1.3x while maintaining excellent image quality. The combined digital zoom effectively extends the zoom ratio even further, from 3.8x to 5.0x equivalent.

And with the Extra Optical Zoom feature, zoom power is pushed to 6.7x, helping to make those distant subjects appear even closer.

3.0-inch 460,000-dot High-resolution LCD:

The LX5 has been outfitted with a generous 3.0-inch Intelligent LCD with 460,000-dot super high resolution and a wide viewing angle. The High Color Rendering Index LED backlight produces vivid color that's always true to life. The large screen makes it possible to see fine details and to easily check focus before capturing a shot. The screen also provides a substantial playback viewer, so that a user and friends can enjoy both still and motion picture review right on the camera.

The Intelligent LCD technology automatically adjusts picture brightness in 11 steps and according to specific shooting conditions. At the highest level, the LCD backlight is approximately 1.4 times brighter than normal. The screen has also been coated with a special anti-reflective layer that cuts glare and enables clear, high visibility in any lighting situation, even bright sunlight.


Power Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.):

We've all experienced the disappointment of taking what we think is a great photograph, only to find that because of insufficient lighting or a last-second jostling we are left with a blurred image. Panasonic has worked to eliminate those low-frequency vibrations caused by shaky hands or the use of slow shutter speeds in dim lighting, with the POWER O.I.S. With almost double the movement correction capability of conventional MEGA O.I.S., you will get bright, clear photos without a trace of blur. So go ahead, take those breathtaking nighttime photos or let the kids try their hand at capturing some family memories. You're sure to end up with pictures you can be proud of.

Intelligent Auto Mode:

In Panasonic's Intelligent Auto (iA) Mode, you never have to worry about manually adjusting settings to compensate for scenery, lighting, color or exposure. The LX5 does it all for you. Automated detection and correction functions go to work immediately, ensuring you secure beautiful photos and videos with minimal effort. This is a great feature for those of you who are new to photography or who like to capture moments as they happen: just point, aim and shoot and let the camera do the rest! And because Intelligent Resolution is always engaged in iA Mode, your pictures will be clearer and sharper, with higher image quality up to 5x zoom range.

Face Recognition:

Face Recognition technology makes it easier than ever to take amazing portraits of the ones you love. Simply select your favorite faces and store them on the LX5's built-in memory. When you want to take a picture of a registered face, just point and shoot. The camera automatically detects registered faces (even in a crowd) and adjusts focus and exposure to optimal levels, so that your loved ones always look great, no matter how many other people are in the frame. Face Recognition lets you snap brilliant, fully optimized pictures of your child during school events, or of that bride and groom as they make their way down the aisle. Get great shots of the new baby being passed from one embrace to the next, and so much more.

Face Detection:

The LX5 also has Face Detection technology, which picks up faces anywhere in the image frame whether you've registered them or not. Focus and exposure are optimized, and red-eye is automatically corrected right from the camera, so that portraits always look incredible. Perfect for those fun group shots, party photos, sporting events or vacation memories, Face Detection makes it quick and easy to compose beautiful images of your favorite people.

Subject Detection:

Ever struggled to snap a picture of a child playing on the beach or a beloved pet running around at the park? With Subject Detection, the DMC-LX5 automatically locks on and tracks subjects continuously, maintaining proper exposure and focus until you press the shutter. You're free to wait for the perfect photo opportunity, confident that you'll get an incredible picture every time. Panning effectively with a conventional camera was always difficult to learn and shots were often out of focus or blurred. The LX5 technology has cured this problem forever.

Motion Detection:

Take impressive action photos with Intelligent ISO Control and Motion Detection. The LX5 picks up moving subjects and automatically adjusts shutter speed and ISO settings to provide optimal image quality depending on lighting conditions and the subject's movement. With the DMC-LX5 you need never miss another homerun swing, that perfect pirouette or the push to the finish line.

Scene Detection Intelligent Scene Selector:

Another of the LX5's most popular automated functions is the Intelligent Scene Selector. When this feature is activated, the camera senses ambient conditions and chooses the most appropriate scene settings from Scenery; Night Scenery, Portrait, Night Portrait, Macro or Sunset.

Happy Mode:

Capture stunning color images in Happy Mode, which enhances color, saturation and brightness to produce more vibrant scenes. Happy Mode is perfect for vacation photos, birthday parties, nature shots or any other situation where you want to punch up the color for a more vivid effect.

Light Detection Intelligent Exposure:

You don't have to be a professional photographer to get the most out of your LX5. Thanks to Intelligent Exposure, brightness is automatically adjusted to compensate for images that are too dark because of low lighting, flash use or backlighting. You get natural images that look just as they appeared to the naked eye.

Slideshow with Music:

Combine all your favorite photos in a slideshow set to music for a one-of-a-kind experience. These are great for family parties when you can present a slideshow about your vacation, all set to your favorite music tracks. Choose from four pre-loaded music styles including Natural, Slow, Urban and Swing, or use the bundled PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.0 HD Edition software to create customized slideshows using songs from your iTunes library. You can select cool transition effects, burn slideshows to DVD, upload content to YouTube or use the optional RP-CDHM15/CDHM30 mini HDMI cable to connect your LX5 to any HDTV for slideshow viewing on the big screen.

PictBridge Compatible:

With PictBridge, you can print photos right from your camera to any compatible digital printer so you never have to wait for prints of your favorite pictures. Image size, layout, date and other settings can be adjusted on your LX5, and you have the ability to print multiple copies of a single photo or print just the pictures that you select.

Bundled Software:

The DMC-LX5 comes with PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.0 HD Edition, an exciting photo editing program that lets you sort and organize both new and old photos; find photos of particular people using Face Recognition, create slideshows with lots of great effects, upload videos to YouTube, piece together 360-degree panoramic files and more. The software is easy to set up, processes your pictures fast, works with many of the automated and intuitive functions on the LX5, and is simple to use. Get more from your photos with this exclusive software bundle from Panasonic.

HD Movie in AVCHD Lite:

Along with Motion JPEG images, the LX5 is capable of recording full HD video in AVCHD Lite format. This gives you almost double the recording time of Motion JPEG with top-notch HD quality. You also get the added benefit of features like Creative Movie Mode, Film Mode and My Color Mode, which provide even more options for creating photos and videos with your unique personal touch.

Extended Battery Life:

The LX5's Venus Engine uses less energy and processes images more efficiently. This means that the rechargeable lithium-ion battery doesn't have to work so hard, and you get more pictures from every charge. With the DMC-LX5 you can take as many as 400 photos on a single battery charge, so leave your charger at home and forget about a dead camera battery. You'll have all the power you need, right when you need it, ensuring you never miss a photographic opportunity.


Panasonic has elevated the compact digital camera to new heights with the LUMIX DMC-LX5. Packed with advanced technology, useful features, intuitive controls and creative functions that are easy to learn and easy to use, the LX5 is a compact on a whole different level. Whether you're looking for a great basic camera for everyday use or want to upgrade to a compact digital with improved capabilities and creative control, the DMC-LX5 has just what you need.