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LUMIX® GH2K 16 Megapixel Compact System Camera Body [No Lens]


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LUMIX® GH2K 16 Megapixel Compact System Camera Body [No Lens]

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  • Advanced Compact Hybrid (Still/Video) Mirror-less DSL Micro Body (16.05 mega pixels)
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount, Light Speed Focusing, 3D Lens Ready
  • Advanced 3.0" Free Angle LCD with Touch Control Features (460K)
  • High Speed Three Core Processor (Venus Engine VI FHD), AVCHD Video 24 Mbps

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The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH2 is a standout in the New Generation LUMIX G Micro System line. Compliant with the innovative Micro Four Thirds System standard, the GH2 combines a slim body style with plenty of advanced features that deliver impressive performance with ease of operation.

The GH2 is perfect for shooting video, with a cinema-like 24Mbps bit rate, a dedicated Cinema Mode, which has been developed to compliment the LUMIX standard Film Mode, and the newly added Variable Movie Mode. This gives the camera considerable live action power. You can create movies with stunning image quality, expressive afterimage, superior gradation and variable frame rates for interesting effects. Of course, the GH2 also benefits from LUMIX's trusted photo capabilities and flexible Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system.


16.05-megapixel Live MOS Sensor: Panasonic has refined its digital imaging technology for the LUMIX G Series, improving image quality to a level that matches and in some cases surpasses that of traditional DSLR cameras. The newly developed 16.05-megapixel multi-aspect Live MOS sensor has been added to Panasonic's original pixel mix technology. The GH2 is able to achieve both high image resolution and a high aperture ratio thanks to its combination of a top of the line transistor and reduced wiring, which allows for high speed digital circuit performance with low noise.

3.0-inch Free-angle LCD: With a free-angle 3.0-inch 3:2 LCD that boasts 460,000-dot resolution, the GH2 offers a 100% field of view for better framing. The screen rotates 180° side to side and 270° up and down, making the camera highly versatile for a wide variety of shots. High angle shots are captured with ease, such as a photo snapped over a crowd, and low angle shots are also conveniently and easily framed. The flexible angling of the LCD screen also makes the GH2 ideal for use with a tripod.

1,533,600-dot Multi Aspect Wide Screen Live View Finder: The integrated eye sensor automatically engages the Live View Finder when it detects use, and then switches back to the LCD display when the user looks away. A range of sensitivity options including high, low and off, help to reduce operating errors when the LCD is in use, and because the Live View Finder and the LCD share the same display style there is never any confusion when switching between the two. This allows for seamless shot framing at all times and delivers greater freedom in setting up photos and videos.

Venus Engine: The GH2 incorporates a newly redeveloped Venus Engine featuring exceptional signal processing for both photos and movies. The Venus Engine is a multi-tasking image processing system with 3 CPUs and approximately 1.8x processing performance compared to a standard 2 CPU system. High speed burst shooting and smooth video recording in full HD are supported. There is also an advanced noise reduction system that processes chromatic noise and luminance noise separately, providing optimal noise reduction to each. Images are reproduced with superior clarity and detail, even when shooting at high ISO levels. The noise reduction process also prevents color mixing around the edges and in gradation areas, and applies selective noise reduction to outlines for more naturally balanced photos without sacrificing resolution quality.


Intelligent Auto Mode for Photos and Videos: Panasonic has pioneered automated processes in the compact point-and-shoot market, and now applies that trusted technology to the interchangeable lens system G Series. The result is a camera that has all the power and creative control of a DSLR with the ease of use of a compact. The GH2 has the same Intelligent Auto (iA) Mode as the everyday LUMIX compact models so you can snap great photos in any situation with confidence. Just point, aim and shoot: the GH2 does all the work for you. In iA Mode, the most popular image optimization functions are activated, letting you take beautiful photos and videos effortlessly. If you think a digital SLR camera is just too complicated for everyday use, think again. The GH2 makes it easier than ever to capture life's most precious moments.

Intelligent D-range Control: Uneven shadows and highlights can ruin a great picture. Intelligent D-range Control delivers more natural looking photos by optimizing exposure levels for different parts of each image to help preserve gradation and fine detail. There is also an automatic backlight compensation feature that is automatically activated when the camera senses a subject against a backlight. You don't have to worry about adjusting lighting conditions or putting off a good shot because the lighting is a little low. The Intelligent D-range Control handles these issues with ease so you can capture beautiful shots in low light, bright sunlight or nighttime, no matter where your subject is located.

Advanced Intelligent Resolution: The GH2 has been equipped with an advanced Intelligent Resolution function that enables even greater signal processing power for exceptional photos and HD movies. Intelligent Resolution automatically identifies outlines, detailed textures and soft gradation in every image, to enhance uniform sharpness and apply precise pixel-by-pixel signal processing for the most effective resolution improvement. Whether you are shooting wildlife, landscapes or architectural structures, your images will be exquisitely detailed and clear, without the hassle of making time-consuming manual adjustments. Intelligent Resolution also works when video recording so all of you videos will benefit from optimized resolution.

Intelligent Scene Selector: Even if you're a novice photographer or just new to the interchangeable lens system, you can take amazing photos and video with the GH2. When the camera is set to iA Mode, the Intelligent Scene Selector automatically chooses the best settings for ambient conditions. All of the most popular scene modes are included in the Intelligent Scene Selector, including; Portrait, Scenery, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night Scenery and Macro. In order to get the best possible results, the camera detects elements such as focus distance, the presence of human faces in the frame and the brightness levels. This camera has enough flexibility to shoot from day to night, indoors or outdoors, without having to change camera settings between each shot. This feature makes the GH2 ideal for travel and special occasions such as weddings or graduations, where ambient conditions can change frequently and dramatically.

AF Tracking: If you have ever tried to take a picture of an energetic toddler or a favorite pet at play, you know how difficult it can be to capture a clear, blur-free image of a moving subject. This is no longer a problem as the GH2 has an intuitive Auto Focus Tracking system that locks on a subject, even if it moves, and continues to track it until you press the shutter. AF Tracking eliminates the need to press the shutter halfway down over and over again to adjust the camera's focus as you try to compose your shot. You only have to engage AF Tracking (or activate it instantly from the LCD touch screen) and wait for the perfect moment. Taking great pictures of your kids or pets, at sporting events, school performances, recitals or parades has never been easier; you won't ever miss another once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity with the GH2.

Face Detection: Traditional Face Detection systems can usually capture human faces with decent focus and exposure, but they do not always respond properly when there is more than one face in the frame or other objects to focus on. The GH2's Face Detection function is far more intuitive, prioritizing focus and exposure on the person or people you want as your main subject(s). The added benefit of the GH2's touch control technology means that you can instantly set the focus on a particular subject, just by tapping that person's image on the LCD display. Your group photos and pictures of people near landmarks or other inanimate objects will be far more dynamic, whether your subject is near other objects, at the back of a group, in a large group or changes position in the frame. Face Detection also incorporates digital red-eye correction so that human facial expressions are always attractive, and free from the unpleasant red-eye effect that can appear when shooting with a flash.

Face Recognition: This technology takes facial detection a step further by letting you register up to 15 individuals in the camera's memory. You just take a full-face portrait and enter a few details such as name and birth date. Then, every time you take a picture of a person you've registered, the camera responds by recalling the appropriate name and identification information and optimizing the settings to get beautiful, natural images. The GH2 is capable of recalling up to three different registered faces at once (perfect if you've got kids you love to photograph) making it quick and easy to capture precious moments of favorite subjects. You can also engage Face Recognition during image playback, allowing you to sort and organize pictures based on the person or people in them.

Touch Control: its responsive touch control features dramatically enhance the usability of the GH2. Most of the camera's popular functions can be accessed instantly with just a tap on the LCD screen, making it possible for you to change settings in seconds so that you never miss a shot.

Touch Control Shooting: You will never have to pull away from a great shot to check the viewfinder or adjust focus again, thanks to the GH2's intuitive touch control shooting function. You can frame shots with ease and activate the shutter just by tapping the responsive LCD screen. Images are fully optimized for impressive results, and you won't miss a minute of the action.

Touch Control Shutter: Auto focus and the shutter release can be triggered simultaneously from the LCD screen, giving you a quick and easy way to catch even fast-paced action at sporting events, dances, parties or live performances. The intuitive touch control also lets you capture unique candid photos instantly with optimized framing and camera settings. You can even use touch control shooting when you are recording video.

Touch Manual Control: If you prefer the flexibility of manual settings, the DMC-GH2 gives you plenty of options with its touch-enabled manual control. You can tweak aperture, shutter speed and exposure levels easily by simply sliding your finger across the LCD display. Fine white balance adjustments and detailed settings like checking vertical and horizontal alignment are also controlled with a light touch. Touch manual control significantly shortens the interchangeable lens learning curve because adjustments are realized almost instantly, so even if you don't have any experience with manual operation you'll be able to master various settings in no time at all.

Touch Control Playback and Playback Zoom: Reviewing photos has never been easier, thanks to the GH2's touch control playback and playback zoom. Scroll through images with a flick of your finger, and zoom in on any area of a photo just by selecting the part you want to see more closely. You can even drag the zoom to different areas of the image for fast and accurate confirmation and editing.

3D Shooting: The GH2 is fully compatible with the world's first digital 3D interchangeable lens. You can now capture incredible 3D images with the optional LUMIX G 12.5mm / F12 lens, a compact lens with easy handling and exceptional performance. The LUMIX 3D lens produces three-dimensional images that are free from distortion and time lag between left and right, even when shooting objects in motion. All 3D images taken with your GH2 can be viewed on any Panasonic VIERA 3D-ready TV, so you can share every amazing shot (even close-ups) with friends and family instantly, and in full 3D quality.


The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GH2 is the perfect way to upgrade from your current interchangeable lens system camera. Offering loads of newly designed enhancements and the high image quality you've come to expect from the LUMIX family, the GH2 delivers exceptional performance in a sleek, compact profile. If you are new to interchangeable lens system devices, the GH2's superior ease of use and intuitive touch controls put the power of advanced technology in the palm of your hand.